February 5, 2018

Three Months Old

Weight: he was weighed at 12.5lbs on January 3rd so he's probably over 13lbs now
Hair: dark but can see blonde tones in sunlight and even some red depending on the lighting. he's going to be dirty blonde like Caius. thats's my guess
Eyes: so blue. not brown :(
Clothes: comfortably in 3-6 month clothing. he's in sleepers 98% of the time. I'm going to try to dress him more often because I have sooo many cute clothes to reuse!
Diapers: size 2s
Likes: getting kisses, being talked to, trying to stand, when his big brother talks to him, "sitting" up supported
Eating & Sleeping: I'm breastfeeding him 70% of the time and he's getting bottles for formula for the other 30%. his sleep is all over the place still. he'll typically wake up between 8am-9am, be awake for a bit and then go back to sleep until lunch time. he'll wake for a bit again and then usually sleep all afternoon. some days, he's awake for a suuuper long period of time and then has been going to bed between 7pm-8pm. and then he's up multiple times throughout the night. sometimes he'll make it until 1am, sometimes he'll eat before 1am and then he could be up every hour, every 2. like I said, literally all over the place. can't wait to get into a sleep schedule.
Milestones: he is finally starting to coo a bit. he can be quite smiley when he's awake. found his hand and is constantly in his mouth, or poking himself in the eye
Mommy Thoughts: he's really improved on how he's not so fussy when he's awake which is really nice. we find that he's a little delayed when he started to focus while looking and cooing vs. caius but I don't know if that's because of him being 6 weeks early or if its just a difference from caius.


  1. Aaaahhhhw, he is such a cutypie! Congratulations to your sweet family! :) For a better sleep shedule I can recommend Hipps good night formula. You can read about it for example here: https://myorganicformula.com/collections/hipp-organic-formula. Feeding this before sleep, streched our girls sleeping sessions. Perhaps it works for you, too. :)


    1. thanks for the comment! he's improved with his nights sleeping 7pm-2:30am and then waking every 2 hours after ;)) we'll get there!