December 28, 2017

Two Months Old

Weight: anywhere between 11-13lbs. we go for his checkup next week
Hair: its turning from brown to dirty blonde, just like his older brother. I so so wanted just one kiddo to take after me. guess that's not happening
Eyes: blue
Clothes: we've made the switch to 3-6 months and so far PJs are fitting a whole lot better
Diapers: size 1
Likes: being held/ cuddled upright while walking. very specific. when his brother comes over to shush him. his mamaRoo. bath time is still a hit.
Dislikes: sussie, being left alone while awake (not a content baby). being put into the carseat. and if mom takes more then 10secs to feed him
Eating & Sleeping: still eating very frequently. supplementing with formula. dad will help out with a bottle or two during the night and I'll nurse him for the other feeds. typically still 2 hours during the day. has done a couple of 3 hour stretches at night and one 4 hour the other night. sleep wise he's usually awake in the evening and asleep before 11pm. up all throughout the night at different times to eat. for sure will wake & eat at 5am and 6am. wakes up to be awake between 8-9:30am. varies how long he'll stay awake. eats around lunch time and then sleeps solid all afternoon. that's one thing that consistent.

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