November 25, 2017

One Month Old

Weight: he was 7lbs 2 oz. after being home for 10 days. we go for a weight checkup in 2 weeks but my guess he's 8lbs by now
Hair: lots of brown hair. the shaved spot from the NICU hasn't grown in
Eyes: they were really dark when he was born but they're definitely blue
Clothes: he's wearing newborn which he was swimming in when he first got home but they starting to fit pretty snug so he's wearing some 0-3 month sleepers. hasn't worn clothes yet aha
Diapers: newborn but those also seem snug so will be switching to size 1s soon
Likes: eating, cuddles, being in bath water, his sussie, swinging in his mamaRoo, laying on his tummy when being cuddled
Dislikes: being put in the carseat, burping, getting taken out of the bath and he'll sometimes cry with diaper changes and getting dressed
Eating & Sleeping: he's like clock work eating every 2 hours. it takes an hour to feed, burp, diaper change, feed and burp so I'm only getting 1 hour increments of sleep throughout the night. he will sometimes go 3 hours if he's in the mamaRoo or if we're driving but otherwise, it's every 2 hours. he's sleeping in his dockatot in our 4moms breeze playard in our room. he's super, super congested so he snorts and grunts most of the night. when we first got home, all he would do is eat and sleep and he's now having wake periods (during the night included)

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