October 12, 2017

32 Weeks

32 week check up this morning and it went pretty well. received our official letter in the mail for my c-section. date, time, and all of the pre-op requirements are on paper. my guts went crazy last week because of my nerves! it just made everything real. my OB is going to be gone for the month of November and won't be doing the delivery. I'll be switching over to a new doctor after my next appointment and she'll be doing the surgery. my hope is that she is as open as my current doctor in regards to a few requests with the c-section. anxious to meet her and figure out a birth plan.

baby is measuring big (not surprised) and my doctor confirmed that it's a good decision to go ahead with the c-section and it's probably going to be tough to get baby out. am I gonna have a 9 pounder coming out of me? Caius was 8lbs 10oz. so it wouldn't surprise me!

I told neil I'm excited to meet this new peanut. I have moments of panic and worry and at this point, I'm excited. excited to see what baby looks like, their fingers & toes, what baby will smell like. I'm excited to see Caius as a big brother. the other night I was laying down with him and baby was moving like crazy. I asked if he wanted to feel. watching his face light up after he could feel the baby was the best! he just didn't know what to do he was so excited. he had to have my feel his belly for kicks and would make his stomach pop. what a little sweetheart.

done work in a month. baby coming in 7 weeks. so ready for the end of november!

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