September 14, 2017

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks & 5 days
Symptoms: groin pain, tight & high stomach, I think possible dehydration? (dry mouth, leg cramps when trying to stretch, dark & heavy pee), general belly discomfort while sitting. I had my OB appointment this morning and there's concern with my blood pressure. it was fairly high this morning and I have to now do a read every day and email him the result. I'm also going back in 2 weeks for my next checkup because of the concern. my family has a history with high blood pressure and mine got dangerously high when I went into labour with Caius that I'm not totally surprised it's an issue again. I called Neil right after my appointment and had a good cry. I know going on BP medication will keep things safe and controllable. it's just not a good feeling knowing there's a serious issue and the memory of how scary it was last time, gives me a bit of anxiety. another good reason why we have chosen an elective c-section.
Weight: 205lbs.
Maternity Clothes: snagged some maternity jeans for cheap off H&M, a dress for a wedding + a long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy. love maternity wear
Belly Button in or Out: still in but it's disappearing
Sleep: is just not what it used to be. up a few times during the night to pee. awake and in pain when trying to roll over. it's a mess.
Best Moment This Week: going for an ultrasound & going to find out the gender (but keeping it to ourselves only)
Worst Moment This Week: the discomfort and bit of pain with baby being sooo high up! my stomach feels rock hard towards the end of the day and I'm just uncomfortable in the evenings. + my OB appointment didn't have great news so not feeling real happy right now
Movement: so much. baby loves to kick and punch either my left or right side and high up
Looking Forward To: cooler temps so I don't have to wear shorts anymore and one good thing about my next OB appointment is we get to find out the date of our c-section
Cravings: chocolate milk is pretty high up there and usually a bowl of cereal in the evenings

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