July 10, 2017

19 Weeks

 *edit, had my 19 week check up on Thursday July 13th

How Far Along: 19 weeks, half way there for us as baby will be delivered via c-section at 39 weeks!
Symptoms: lower back and tailbone pain. started very early on and is still an issue. I also dislocated a rib a couple of weeks ago. then I had a fall last week on Caius' slip and slide.. I fell on my left hip/thigh and I've completely screwed up my pelvic area. it hurts so bad and is so uncomfortable. by the end of the day, it's horrible. I saw a chiro last week and he suggested it could be a sprung pelvis or SPD {symphysis pubic dysfunction}, which would cause me a lot of grief for the rest of the pregnancy. I went to fetal assessment at RUH yesterday because all weekend long, it was just so bad. they don't think it's either of the things listed above. it's just the way my body is reacting to the relaxin and it's unfortunate it's so early on. I'll be going for massages, to the chiro and having Neil massage areas at home to combat the pain. my OB says it probably won't go away now until after delivery and the fall probably expedited it
Weight Gain: 191lbs.
Maternity Clothes: definitely. I started to show much, much earlier this time around. bring on the comfy t-shirts and maternity shorts
Belly Button in or Out: in
Sleep: sleeping okay but it's painful to turn over so that will wake me up a few times throughout the night
Best Moment This Week: seeing our baby for the first time at our 18 week ultrasound! I love seeing the hands and feet, legs and arm. it hit both of us that holy cow, we're really having a second baby!the heart rate was at 130bpm so I instantly thought girl, but then at RUH it was between 150-160bpm so I still have no idea what we're having. I 1000% knew Caius was a boy right from the beginning. this time, I'm so unsure!
Worst Moment This Week: falling and completely screwing up my pelvic area and lower back, f*ck the pain is bad and uncomfortable
Movement: I thought I felt some flutters a week ago. it didn't happen for long or was consistent. I have an anterior placenta again so it takes a little bit longer for me to feel movement. hopefully soon!
Queasy or Sick: thank goodness the first trimester is over. I felt sick all the time, didn't want to eat anything and then at the 14/15 week mark, it just flipped completely to not feeling sick and wanting to eat always
Looking Forward To: getting massaged tonight and seeing the chiro tomorrow to relieve some pain {exciting right}
Cravings: no cravings really, just let me eat everything
Recently Purchased: purchased a couple of neutral sleepers & sleeping gowns
Other: I had my 19 week check up today and overall it was a good appointment. disappointing to hear that this pain won't go away until after baby is delivered and also my blood pressure is a bit high right now. probably from the discomfort caused by the pain. couple of good things is baby's heart rate was at 150bpm, we'll get to choose our delivery date, I'll be able to request a clear curtain and delayed clamping so that I can interact with baby before they are taken to be examined. felt really nice to be reassured that I get a say with this c-section and my doctor supports all requests. it'll be a much better delivery experience this time around then it was with Caius which makes me feel actually excited and happy about our elective c-section decision!

18 weeks old!

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