June 21, 2017

Life Lately

there's been so much going on this past month or so and time is going by so fast that I don't want to forget all of it!

Caius is just growing and changing so much that we've had to make changes that suit where he is at right now. I bought him a cot to sleep in at daycare because there was no need for him to sleep in the playpen anymore. that's one thing that we're extremely lucky with and I'm so proud of him with how the adjustment from crib to "real beds" went. from day 1 of not being in a crib anymore, he has never, ever got out of his bed. at home, at the lake, at grandparents and at daycare. I still think he doesn't understand the concept that he can get in and out of bed as he pleases (he does during non-bedtime hours) but he just won't do it when it's naptime or bedtime. super thankful for that but I kind of find it funny too. neil built his real big boy bed on fathers day and again, it was a super easy transition. it sure is nice being able to lay in bed with him to read a book or to cuddle for a bit.

and of course, the biggest thing of all is that we finally pulled the plug on the beloved sussie. it's been on our minds for quite a while now but we just didn't feel confident to actually do it. he only really had it when going to sleep or if he was tired/ not feeling well so he didn't have it 24/7 but it was such a big deal to him. we decided to talk about the sussie fairy and how she would come to take sussies to babies who need them. we talked about it quite a bit the last month or so and more so during the past week in order to prep him for what was to come. we decided to purchase him a ride on jeep that would be his gift from the sussie fairy and it worked pretty darn well! he did great with putting all of his sussies into a bucket for her and was super excited about the jeep. bedtime was a little tough once he realized he was having to go to sleep without sussie. but overall it went much, much better then we were anticipating. hopefully it's only a tough days and we will be back to a normal bedtime and wake up (it was a 5:30am start to the day, post 1st night without it)

I'm super proud and excited for him. there's so many big changes happening and it's really making it real that he's no longer a baby/toddler anymore.. he's coming a big boy and will be a big brother before we know it!

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