May 14, 2017


on Sunday March 26th, we found out I'm pregnant!!!

I have been taking tests close to my period each month, in hope that a positive sign would show up. I had taken 2 tests last week and both were negative so I was just waiting for my period to show up. sunday morning I stepped out to grab one more to try. I was a week late but that was the only sign. I truly thought it was going to be negative since all the others have been, so I was in total shock when the positive sign slowly started to show. my heart was beating out of my chest, just like it did with Caius and my hands were shaking. I quickly called Caius to his room to put on a shirt I had bought last year that said #1 big bro. when I opened Caius' room door to have him show Neil, Neil was already standing in our room across the hall. he looked at Caius and then looked at me with big eyes "really?!" of course I was crying and said I think it's positive. I always find out on the stupid cheap pregnancy tests! I think to myself I've already spend so much on the fancy ones and they've all been duds, I'll just buy the cheap ones.

 we had two family birthday parties on sunday. one for our niece who was turning 2 and another for my cousin celebrating his 23rd. we decided since we would be seeing everyone from both sides that we would share the news. Caius wore his big brother shirt to both get togethers. we had to point out his shirt on Neils side and my mom read Caius' shirt right away when him and I walked in. she started crying and saying "oh my god!" and then everyone else noticed too. both families are so excited.

we have been trying to get pregnant since June 2016. this time took much longer than it did with Caius which was really frustrating, and a little defeating. each month was another negative test and another period. we were more casual and not really in a rush once I got my IUD out but once we got past the 6 months of trying mark, I started to worry. I kept wondering "is something wrong with me?" "what changed body wise since having Caius and now?" "is Caius going to be our one and only?". really similar thoughts the first time we tried to get pregnant. it just seems to take us longer to get pregnant. not easy to think that way in the midst of trying. one of the first things I said to Neil when we found out was I felt such a relief. finally we're pregnant, nothings wrong with me. of course there's a risk with it being so early. I know so many women who have gone through miscarriages so I feel a little more nervous right now but I don't want those nerves to dampen our excitement that we're feeling right now. still feels surreal that I'm pregnant and even more surreal that my baby won't be just my baby anymore, he'll be a big brother in 9 months! we can't wait!

How Far Along: based on last period, and cycle length etc., says I'm about 5 weeks
Symptoms: no symptoms at all 
Weight: went to the doctor this morning for a scheduled wellness checkup.... I'm 187lbs....
Sleep: I was asleep by 8:30pm on Saturday night and the last few days, I feel super tired
Best Moment This Week: seeing the + pregnancy sign and telling all of our family that day
Worst Moment This Week: none so far
Queasy or Sick: nope
Looking Forward To: we have an ultrasound scheduled for april 3rd

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