March 22, 2017

Big Boy Bed

last night was a big night in our house, we converted the crib into a big boy bed!

it's been on my mind for a little while. we've had no issues with him and his crib. he never tried to escape, he never even stood up in it. when he wakes up, he would just lay there moaning ha. I've been bouncing back & forth about how we were going to do it, when we were going to do it. then last night after we all got home from the work day, my husband said "it'll take 5 minutes to do" and all of a sudden it was done.

Caius did SO so well! he asked for his sleepsack a handful of times before we left the room. he's not a huge fan of blankets so we assumed that would be our biggest challenge. we ended up putting his sleepsack beside his face, to use a blanket for comfort. he laid there while falling asleep, not even trying to get up and out and was asleep by 8pm! the monitor came on at 4:15am, he was standing holding a side rail. I figured he lost JubeJube in between the blankets, which is what happened. I tucked it in by his face, kissed him and back to sleep he went.

he had the sweetest little smile on his face when we woke him up this morning. he had to show us what he slept in as we we're getting ready for the day AND had to share the news with his daycare provider when I dropped him off

we are SO, so proud of him as he is also so proud of himself. still feels surreal that he's not really a baby anymore. he hasn't been for a while now but this is just another real step of him being a big boy.

 my big boy.

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