February 23, 2017

First Family Roadtrip!

a couple of weeks ago, Neil and I got the itch to get away. flying somewhere exotic and hot wasn't doable, driving to Regina didn't sound too exciting so we decided on Edmonton!

we haven't been back since I was expecting in 2014 {I went on a quick girls trip last year} but Neil and I haven't ventured away since before Caius was born. it's come up a few times about going to Edmonton but I really didn't feel confident that Caius would do well with the drive. well, he completely shocked us. he did FANTASTIC! we left at 7am Saturday morning and made it all the way to Mundare without any stops. we pushed him a little too far and he peed through {poor guy, felt so bad}. quick gas up, diaper change, sausage pickup and we made our way to Edmonton! we went straight to the mall to let him run around and take it all in.

we hit up the pirate ship first,which he LOVED. he didn't want to get off and that may have resulted in our first tantrum. we went to look at the water park, had a bite to eat, checked out the aquarium, walked through Galaxyland {too loud and crazy for him so we walked in and found the nearest exit}, had supper at Earls and were back at our hotel around 6:30pm {AB time}. we couldn't get into our hotel until way past nap time our time so he went allll day without a nap. we tried to get him to snooze in the stroller but he doesn't sleep in that or the car so we walked for a bit with the canopy down and all his comfort items to just have him settle down a bit. I was amazed that he went all day as he did with no nap

sunday morning we went to the waterpark and lasted a few hours there. neil took in all the crazy slides before it got busy and got to zipline across the wave pool. Caius immediately started to cry when we got there, since it was a bit overwhelming for him but we managed to pump it up and he enjoyed the kiddie pool and spray pad the most. we finished around 12:30pm and headed to my cousins place in Sherwood Park. it was so nice to visit with them and meet their son Lennon. Caius and him were so cute together and it made a world of a difference to be at a house for Caius to nap and have boy toys to play with. so thankful they let us crash their place, love you guys!

there was an hour time difference so we were up and out the door at 7am. the sooner we would get home the better, and be able to fit in a normal nap. he did so great again on the way home. no saying "all done", "no more". we watched movies, read books and played around with new cars. this was Caius' first time to a new city, first time in a hotel room and first time in the car for so long and he did so, so well. so proud of my big boy! we still were able to have our Family Day tradition of having a fire with mom and dad! it was a nice afternoon of playing outside and having a wiener roast

it was fun to get away but super nice to get home, thanks Edmonton for the fun weekend!

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