January 17, 2017

Weekend Re·cap

{Friday} I was off from work and at home with Caius for the day. my aunt and her two kiddos came over. Caius and Olivia played so well together and I got some nice baby snuggles with Alex. we made last minute plans with my parents for us to go over there for supper. Neil took my vehicle in the city to get new tires put on so my dad drove out to pick Caius and I up. he was soo excited to ride in papa's big truck. we had pizza for supper, mom and I went to out to grab a few things {and act stupid silly as we usually do} and the boys hung back and apparently enjoyed a few drinks... ;)

{Saturday} we had our 2nd swimming lesson. it went better than the first but not great. Caius has no issues with the water but doesn't like being told what to do and has a tantrum majority of the class. he and Neil came out of the water for a few moments and then he happily returned. he got to end the class in the hot tub this time but came out screaming. oh kid... afterwards we went back to my parents for the afternoon so the guys could build me some new end tables! can't wait to see them complete. after Caius woke up from his nap, we went to check out our future children's museum prototype event and stopped at a few furniture places on our way home. the hubs and I watched Deep Water Horizon that evening. seriously, such a good movie!

{Sunday} we met up with friends of ours at the indoor play centre in Warman. Caius and Nixon played sooo well together! we haven't seen them in a while but you would think that they were BFFs. super cute together. Neil had a basketball game that afternoon but Caius stayed home thinking he would still be napping by the time the game started. but nope, he didn't even nap for an hour. nana & papa stopped by on the way home from the lake and then we went out for a walk in his new sled! I tried taking him down the hill once or twice but he was quite happy to sit on the swings and watch all the other kids go down. it was SO nice to finally get outside and not almost be killed by the cold weather! Neils parents came over for supper that night and we just did our usual thing of getting ready before the new week starts

it was a busy but good weekend!

January 4, 2017

Happy New Year

Wow, where did the last of 2016 go?

we set up our tree at the end of November and tried to take in as many Christmas activities as possible in December since Caius was the right age to enjoy it. decorating the tree, visiting santa, baking & decorating sugar cookies, going through the enchanted forest & checking out the christmas light display and fun area at the berry barn are a few of the fun things we did!

we had 4 christmases this year {which sounds like a lot} but because 3 of them we're around home, it felt super easy and not stressful. christmas eve morning we had a yummy breakfast and opened gifts with my family. that evening we celebrated christmas eve with my moms side of the family as we always do {christmas eve is big for me vs. christmas day}. it was so fun to see Caius & Olivia play together and open gifts. they're both at the right age that it was exciting for them and of course, we got to celebrate the new little addition to our family, Alex, his first christmas. love snuggling a newborn baby at christmas!

christmas morning was just the 3 of us. we kind of went all out for Caius and so he had a lot to open that morning. he wasn't really into it and just wanted to play with all of his new goodies. that afternoon we went to my in laws to celebrate with Neils side. our poor niece Stella broke her arm the week prior so we spent majority of the day trying to play carefully with her. the 3 kiddos had a lot of fun playing together and opening gifts. each of neils brothers & their families were gifted a tremendous, generous gift. we are extremely grateful for what we received

and finally on boxing day, we hosted my dads side for supper. we kept it simple as we assumed everyone would be full of turkey & other treats so a roast supper was perfect. Caius got MORE presents from family members. what a lucky kid to have so many people who love him and want to spoil him!

Neil and I had the week off between christmas & new years. we enjoyed starting our days slowly by laying in bed and letting bubba {Caius' nickname} watch the iPad. having good, filling breakfasts and either getting out to do a fun activity or sticking around home and playing with all the new toys. not going to lie, it's pretty tiring trying to keep up with Caius all day! Neil and I both work full time so we only get 2 full days with him per week. going from that to 24/7 tuckered us out! he is so fun though right now and is really starting to have conversations with us and voice his opinion or his thoughts. it's the best time of our lives right now!

new years eve, my parents came over for the afternoon to watch some hockey games. we went to a downtown NYE party that had skating, hot chocolate & coffee, horse pulled wagon rides, live music, ice sculptures, fire dancers & light up thunder sticks! the weather was perfect with not being deathly cold so it was enjoyable! Caius didn't want to wear skates so Neil ended up carrying him the whole time {super muscles daddy}. my parents haven't been in skates for 20+ years so that was SO awesome to make this memory with them and Caius! we were back home at a decent time and did the Netflix King Julian countdown together, party hats & noises makers included! the rest of the evening with us four playing kaiser, eating wings & watching the ABC NYE special.

it was a great christmas holidays and new years eve! looking forward to what 2017 will bring!