November 1, 2016


Caius turned two years old on October 17th. Neil and I had the day off to celebrate him {which we plan to do every year, even when he's in school}. the Sunday night before his birthday, we blew up 20 some balloons and scattered them all over the living room and also set up his teepee birthday present to surprise him in the morning.

it's hit and miss with how he starts the day and of course, he had to wake up as a miss on his birthday. poor guy woke up with a nasty cold and just wasn't feeling great. we decided to move forward with our plans by going to play at Flynns Forrest and grabbing lunch. At 11:53am {when he was born} we sang him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all ate a Crave Cupcake, yum! he had his usual nap and woke up SUPER sour from it. our evening plans were to go out for supper as a treat with my family but we decided to cancel that idea and just ordered in instead. it worked out good, no one was rushed to get to a restaurant, Caius didn't have a big appetite so he nibbled a bit and went to play and we got to watch the Blue Jays game.

we had his big party on October 22nd. The theme was CONSTRUCTION! our little boy is OBSESSED with trucks and diggers! my good friend Lauren pretty much made his birthday cake and I helped by adding the crushed oreos and doing the dishes :)) it seriously tasted sooo good. better then majority of the cakes that we've had in the past done by professioanls. thanks Lauren!! we had about 30 people over to our place for the afternoon/evening. lots of yummy treats & goodies followed by a pulled pork on a bun with coleslaw & potatoe salad supper. everyone was really pleased with it all! oh boy, was Caius spoiled. our living room is FULL of Tonka yellow aha. dump trucks, a bulldozer, a tow truck, Paw Patrol track set, books, stamps, blocks. the kid wakes up every morning and comes home from daycare acting like it's Christmas morning! he's been so excited to play with everything! we are so luck to have so many people who love him as much as we do.

I can't believe my baby is two. Neil and I constantly were talking while I was pregnant with him and leading up to his birth and his 1st birthday in the weeks before his 2nd birthday. the first year definitely went fast but this 2nd year went even faster. Caius is such a sweet, smart and sensitive little boy. his vocabulary and personality is growing {so he is, at 28lbs.} his interests are changing, his temper is there but he also gives kisses and says sorry so sweetly when he's "hurt our feelings". I am so completely in love with my little boy. it's still hard to be a working mom even being back for a year but the balance is getting easier {most days} to get it all to work

happy 2nd birthday sweet boy, mama loves you so incredibly much!

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