July 14, 2016

Twenty One Months Old

This blog has officially become Caius' baby book. I wish I could keep on top of our life updates. It is nice to look back and remember Caius at his certain ages.

size 6 diapers
wearing mostly 2T clothes, 3T for sure with PJs
still no interest in potty training
sleeping in his crib {not switching anytime soon}
sleeping has greatly improved
has slept like a champ this last little while! {12 hours solid, past 8am.. BONUS!}
big fan of his sucky for sleeping and of course jubejube
so many different things
pretty much what we ask him to say, he tries
identifies all family members {nana, papa, uncle D, baba, bella, izzie}
truck & tractor are his favourite words, he's constantly keeping an eye out for them while we drive now
he says thank you for absolutely everything
love you & night night bye are my favourites
if he "falls down", we ask him "are you okay" and he responds" ya k"
he has a new way of shouting "MOMMY!" now
daddy has been asked for immediately after he's been waking up
playing cars
truck & tractor books
getting a theme here.... #suchaboy
playing in his clubhouse
playing with other kids {this is big because he's more timid around other kids}
the lake
his temper is pretty fierce. we do have a timeout chair when he misbehaves or acts out
he tends to yell "NO!" at me and then come hit me {we do not tolerate this at all}
after timeout, he gives us a hug and kiss and we make sure we explain again, what he did wasn't okay
he is his daddys mini-me lately
anything daddy does, Caius has to
daddy is definitely the favourite right now {I broke my foot 3 weeks ago so mommy isn't very fun to play with}
driving with him has been pretty fun lately, he loves to point out any trucks & tractors
he's still doing so great with daycare
he also does so well with backup daycare and that's a HUGE relief
he had his 1st sleepover at nana & papas house while Neil & I went to Garth Brooks
he did so, so good and will be going again soon :))

we've really been enjoying the summer with Caius! going to the lake, playing outside, going to the swimming pool has been so much better this year!

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