May 16, 2016

Nineteen Months Old

I've fallen into a bit of a rut when it comes to blogging! I've thought about giving it up but when I look back and read old posts, all those memories come flooding back and I really don't want to lose those as Caius is getting older and busier

27lbs., 32" tall
size 5 diapers {going to need to switch to a 6 very soon}
has 0 interest in potty training
fights diaper changes 95% of the time {that scream.. ugh, its awful}
wearing 2T/3T clothing
size 6/7 shoes
sleeps from 7:30pm-5/6am {some nights he still wakes, some night he doesn't}
takes one 2.5-3 hour nap a day
he is still an overall super crappy sleeper
ba-ball {basketball}
please & thank you
ah-pane {airplane}
tweet tweet {birds}
does all his animal sounds
he makes the "muah" sound when giving kisses
starting the day in our bed watching cartoons
smoothies & snacking
watching & playing sports
playing with his lawnmower, cozy truck & push car outside
kicking a ball around & passing
his finding dory water table
bouncing in his trampoline
the YouTube kids app
colouring & playing with chalk
helping daddy cook/BBQ
to wave bye all the time {even if he or anyone else isn't leaving} 
playing at the park {swings and walking up ramps are his favourite} 
he attended his 1st wedding and stayed up way past his bedtime
he had his 1st big road trip for a family funeral
went to a car show at easter
graduated swimming lessons #2
started a new daycare and has been doing FANTASTIC! 
enjoys banana's now
starting to dislike more & more meals that we offer him
is super into airplanes and trains
starts to run when we say "on your mark, get set, GO!"

He's been quite the stinker for us lately. Definitely entering the toddler phase of life... please pray for us. he is stubborn & firery!

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