February 17, 2016

Weekend Re·cap

  • Neil & I celebrated Valentines Day early and went for a 1 hour couples massage. funny thing is 2 years ago, we did the same thing and the next day {Valentines Day} we found out we were pregnant!
  • we crashed our friends Jerrod & Laurens date night and had a few drinks at the Cactus Club afterwards
  • Caius had a playdate with his birthday buddy Miya at her house
  •  after his nap, we went to Warman to 2 open houses and grabbed a few things at the Co-op {I of course fell in love with the new build house #constantbattleinourhouse #newvsold} 
  • a mini blizzard appeared so we stayed inside at home for the rest of the afternoon     

  • we went to play at CJs in Warman
  • we continued our Family Day tradition and went to the lake! Caius hasn't done a road trip since last summer and he did great. it was a gorgeous day and he had so much fun. we were worried that he would be cranky being in his snowsuit and not being able to "play" but he didn't mind at all. we had a fire & hot dog roast {as per tradition}
  • on our way home we did a quick drop in to our lake friends place in Marcelin
  • that was a huge day for him to do so much and only have an hour & a bit nap, but he did so so good!
  • Caius was a super grouch 
  • we went to Carters, Golf Town & then to Auntie Lisa's to play with Olivia for a bit 
  • the rest of the afternoon was spent being lazy around home {mom & dad of course were being lazy, Caius... not so much}
 It was a great Valentines-Family day long weekend!    

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