February 22, 2016

Weekend Re·cap

{post swimming, pre-nap time watching 'finding nemo' cuddle with daddy, bella included}

  • Caius has his 1st trip to the denist Friday morning. Thursday night he took a tumble.. a bad one.. his teeth went through his bottom lip and one of his top front teeth shifted a bit. after talking to a friend who is a dental hygienist, I took him in to get checked. 4 days later and everything seems to be okay. it was major panic moment for this mama! skin heals from wounds.. teeth? not so much
  • we figured Caius would come home from daycare pretty moody but he was actually happy! I was hoping he would stay up a little late because it was Friday but the 7pm bedtime in the sweet spot for him {he's been sleeping through the night for about 2 weeks, #AMEN!}
  • swimming lessons in the morning
  • we went to the North Face store and scored some major deals on jackets {and a sweater for the hubs}
  • killed some time at Peavy Mart until we met Nana for lunch
  • Caius did so well at Mi Hong. someone's turning into a little vietnamese fan {like his daddy and Nana}. he sat in between Neil & I and just ate, and ate, and ate
  •  the boys went to Neils parents for a bit Saturday afternoon and I stayed back to do some cleaning. it's amazing how easy it is to vacuum without a toddler running around ;)
  • Neil had 2 basketball games {which never, ever happens} so he was gone from 11am - 6pm meaning it was going to be a Caius & mama day!! buuuut.. little Mr. napped for 3.5 HOURS. that also never, ever happens. I had to wake him up, rush & get him ready to get out the door to watch Neils last game
  • I brought his little tikes sized basketball a long so he could play around before the game started. he was SO excited when we walked into the gym. he's obsessed with balls so he was running and screaming while the guys were warming up. I wasn't sure how I was going to keep him from running onto the court during the game but he did great! he lit up and made the sweetest sound every time he spotted Neil

February 17, 2016

Weekend Re·cap

  • Neil & I celebrated Valentines Day early and went for a 1 hour couples massage. funny thing is 2 years ago, we did the same thing and the next day {Valentines Day} we found out we were pregnant!
  • we crashed our friends Jerrod & Laurens date night and had a few drinks at the Cactus Club afterwards
  • Caius had a playdate with his birthday buddy Miya at her house
  •  after his nap, we went to Warman to 2 open houses and grabbed a few things at the Co-op {I of course fell in love with the new build house #constantbattleinourhouse #newvsold} 
  • a mini blizzard appeared so we stayed inside at home for the rest of the afternoon     

  • we went to play at CJs in Warman
  • we continued our Family Day tradition and went to the lake! Caius hasn't done a road trip since last summer and he did great. it was a gorgeous day and he had so much fun. we were worried that he would be cranky being in his snowsuit and not being able to "play" but he didn't mind at all. we had a fire & hot dog roast {as per tradition}
  • on our way home we did a quick drop in to our lake friends place in Marcelin
  • that was a huge day for him to do so much and only have an hour & a bit nap, but he did so so good!
  • Caius was a super grouch 
  • we went to Carters, Golf Town & then to Auntie Lisa's to play with Olivia for a bit 
  • the rest of the afternoon was spent being lazy around home {mom & dad of course were being lazy, Caius... not so much}
 It was a great Valentines-Family day long weekend!    

Sixteen Months Old


right there
thank you
finding nemo
"I am a bunny", "Can You Say It Too? Roar! Roar!" and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" books
to be in the kitchen when we're prepping meals
drinking smoothies & snacking all day long
giving high fives
to be outside
climb his little tikes slide all by himself
play hockey with anything very well
eat perfectly with his utensils
blow kisses
play peak a boo

February 8, 2016

Weekend Re·cap

  • Neil & I watched 'Inside Out', super cute
  • swimming lessons in the morning
  • Nana & Papa came over in the afternoon
  • checked out Winterfest {it was a bust}
  • played in the backyard instead. made a fire and Neil snowblowed a maze for Caius to run through. he ended up getting pushed in his green car
  • Nana made a delicious roast supper 
  • went to Walmart & McNally Robinson Bookstore to get Caius a 'Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom' board book
  • had McDonalds as a treat for lunch
  • Momma bought Caius a 'Little Tikes Cozy Truck'. daddy built it while Caius was napping
  • Amy & Nixon came over to play while Neil & Robin were at ball
  • made supper & wings with all of them to watch the Super Bowl