January 18, 2016

Fifteen Months Old

Happy New Year!

Neil and I were fortunate to have time off with Caius during Christmas & New Years. Neil was off with him for 3 days before I joined them. I was off Christmas Eve until January 4th. We had 4 Christmas' this year between our 2 families. We had a name pick exchange with Neils family on the 20th because his brother worked Christmas Day, we had Christmas Eve at my parents, Christmas morning with the 3 of us and then the day spent at Neils parents and finally we had my parents & brother out to our place for supper on Boxing Day. Lots of back & forth into the city, into the same area but thankfully no long distance traveling.

A few fun notes about the Christmases. We did a lobster cookout for my big family one. We have some type of fish dish and decided to try lobster for a change. I hadn't had lobster before and was excited about it, but once the thing was on my plate staring at me.. I no longer had an appetite for it. It was still fun to have people cracking and eating them. A big mess for sure. Caius & my cousin Olivia stole the show! They were so fun to watch open gifts. Caius was interested in opening and Olivia was interested in what it was. We didn't really care much about gifts for all of us because it was just too funny watching them open.

Christmas morning, I made the boys and myself monkey bread. I think that will be our new family tradition. It was really, really fun to have Caius into Christmas this year. To open gifts and say "wow!". I think it was a bit overwhelming because of his attention span. He seemed to be more excited for Neils tool gifts then the toys he was getting.. typical boy.

On Boxing Day, Neil and I made a turducken. A duck, inside of a chicken, inside of a turkey. It turned out super good and everyone liked it! Caius had a lot of fun building his kitchen with dada & papa.

Other fun things we did was new years with my parents, swimming, visiting Papa at work and playing in the tractor, going to CJs twice, having Olivia & Auntie Lisa over, going for wagon rides, walking around outside and having lunch with daddy. It was so, so nice to have a full week with him. It made me miss being off from work and going back that much harder.

10 teeth {or more, he never lets us check}
size 5 diapers
2T clothing
dad, dada, daddy {it's his favourite word}
Bell {for Bella}
hot dog {Mickey Mouse hot dog song}
bapa {papa}
tic toc
tickle tickle
naps twice a day
still doesn't sleep through the night
his yellow ball & basketball
playing with his kitchen
mini sticks & golf clubs
bath time
an empty ice tea can
flying in the laundry hamper
make a monkey, elephant, dinosaur, bear, lion, kitty, puppy, duck & cow animal sounds
"play soccer"
eat with his utensils
ask for help by sticking his hands out closely together 
climb a slide from the bottom up
"jump" off the ledge at swimming lessons

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