December 17, 2015

Fourteen Months Old

So I kind of missed posting his 13 month update because we dealt with a month & a half of health issues with Caius.. It started with battling a bad, severely irritated owie bum for over 4 weeks, then it was a cold which turned into double pink eye, then we believe he has a reaction to his 1 year immunizations which then led to him showing signs of dehydration... SO October into November was a complete sh*t show but we have FINALLY been having a good couple weeks with the mister, until last night... he now has a very loose, mucusy cough {yay...}  He has changed so much since his 1st birthday, we have such a little boy instead of a baby to keep us entertained everyday! Anytime he learns something new or mimics us, it's such an exciting feeling and is so much fun!

he's been cutting new teeth for over a month now, I think he has 8 total now
running everywhere's!
can say mama or mum, dada or daddy, nana, bapa {papa}, kitty, tweet tweet {birds}, up, that & go
he can make a kitty, a puppy, an elephant & a lion animal noise
he can sing the Mickey Mouse "hot dog" and Cat in the Hat "go, go, go on an adventure" songs
he's OBSESSED with Mickey Mouse {he gets to watch it on the iPad whenever we have to go some where's. don't judge.. it works for us}
gives us a quirky smile when we say "cheese!"
high fives
marching & claping
his stuffed bear & huskie dog
pointing at the christmas tree
pointing at papa in a photo
pointing at anything really {he's quite bossy that way}
yogurt, grilled cheese sandwiches, toast, watermelon, apples, burgers & smoothies
visiting with family or friends
cats & dogs
his snowsuit, boots, toque and mitts
going outside in any of these ^^^
being taken out of the tub
waiting for anything
being told no
withholding something he wants of yours
not being picked up when we're preparing or cooking any meal
being woken up from naps
bedtime or naps {doesn't hate it but doesn't like going to sleep}
and sleeping through the night.... yes, he hates this because he hasn't done it in a very, very, VERY long time.... 

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