September 17, 2015

Eleven Months Old

big, exciting things around here! full on crawling and sleeping through the night! *yay, yay, yay!*

says dada, mama, uh {when we say uh oh} and mmm when he's eating something he likes
mimics like crazy!
does "so big!", waves bye bye, claps, dances and shakes his arms when we yell touchdown! 
loves to chase after the cats
is afraid to sit down on his own when he's standing up on something
loves to walk when holding hands
battled his 1st flu bug.. awful doesn't describe how those 4 days went
he's always had a big attitude but it sure shows more now that he's able to communicate
climbed a stair on his 11 month birthday!

4 more weeks and my baby is 1... can someone please pass a package of toilet paper {tears, tears & more tears}

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