August 18, 2015

Ten Months Old

I don't know how my little baby is 10 months old already. The 10 month mark makes his 1st birthday sound much, much closer and much more real. Tears start as I think about that so I'll just move forward with what's been going on with him

22lbs & 29" long
has almost 4 top teeth and 2 on the bottom
eats like a little porker {3 meals a day, snacks in between and has table food after his baby food meals}
he's on the move! 
only took 9.5months! he is army crawling, going from his tummy to sitting & back to his tummy and all of a sudden he has an interest in assisted walking. loving all the movement!
he figured out how to clap
he says da-da no problem {and all the time}
went boating for the 1st time
we've been going to the local outdoor pool a few times a week and he loves it
his favourite toys are his golf clubs, garden centre, xylophone & elephant ball toy
he really loves to mimic
had his 2nd real haircut and will be going for his 3rd right away

we love you noodle! I still can't believe your 10 months old... mama really isn't looking forward to only having 2 more months with you...

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