July 17, 2015

Nine Months Old

wearing 12-18 month size clothing
months 8-9 = the most amount of sleeping all night long {hurray!}
unfortunately he's waking up for the day at 5:30am.. *yawn*
cut his 2 top teeth at the same time {brutal this time around} and found the 5th one coming in beside the top left one
battled his first illness of strep throat which then turned into a cold
figured out how to roll from front to back, but only in his crib 
is pivoting around when trying to get things, still no crawling but kind of showing small sings that he might soon
says "nana-dada" over & over when he's upset
figured out how to feed himself puffs & other table foods
isn't spitting up anymore!! he's been off his medication for a few weeks, hooray!
visited the forestry farm for the 1st time
went out for lunch 2 weekends in a row
loves swinging, swimming, sitting in the window watching cars, when daddy comes home & eating food off mama & dada's plate {not the same if it's off his high chair tray}