June 27, 2015

Eight Months Old

19lbs. 10.5oz., 28.5" long
size 4 diapers
sleeping in later {between 6:30am-7am}
uses a big boy car seat now {peg perego SIP 5-65}
trying to introduce finger foods
went swimming at the local outdoor pool
had a great 2nd weekend at the lake
celebrated daddy's & uncle dallas' birthday
eating like he has a bottomless pit, holy cow
slept through the night!!! {3x in one week!!}
working hard on tummy time to practice rolling over/ start crawling
makes a face & funny chit chat when he's having a "tantrum"
taking longer afternoon naps {between 2-2.5 hours, sometimes longer}
got his first official haircut last night
laughs a lot, either on his own or when we tickle him
loves to smile at strangers {even though they aren't even looking at him}

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