May 22, 2015

Seven Months Old

18lbs. 14oz., 27" long
has 2 bottom teeth
size 3 diapers
eats solids 2-3 times a day {loves butternut squash & sweet potatoes the most}
has 5oz. bottles every 2-3 hours
is on prevacid once a day to help with his spitting up
sits on his own no problem
isn't crawling
if he's unhappy, he wants to be in his jolly jumper {he's obsessed with jumping}
stayed at the lake for 2 nights {ended up having to go home at 6am because he woke up at 3am & wouldn't go back to sleep}
still waking up pretty early regardless of an early or later bedtime
has two 1.5hr naps & a small half hour-45min. nap at the end of the day
his lovey jube-jube is his everything when it comes to naps & bedtime. {never leaves his face or hands all night long}
gets super excited when Bella & Izzie come around
lights up when daddy comes home
has a short, hot temper with pretty much anything
loves his wubbanub, sophie, spinning animal ball & his activity table

7 months old makes him such a little boy! he is so feisty most days about pretty much anything {he takes after his mama} but he keeps me busy & entertained. can't wait to enjoy the summer with him!

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