April 26, 2015

Six Months Old

Weight: 17lbs. At his 6mon. checkup, our doctor said his weight is a concern. He's gaining slowly and it could be due to the fact that he spits up SO much SO often. We're trying to get him to eat 5oz. at a time but he barely finishes it, he spits up majority of it within minutes and then eats again in 2 hours while spitting up all the time in between. We've started a medication to see if that helps keep things down. We are going for an ultrasound tomorrow to see if there's a blockage that's causing a problem. We hope that's not the case because it could require a surgery to open up a hole in his stomach. Our fingers are tightly crossed that the medication works!

Hair: He just got a haircut last Saturday by his mama. His little party tail in the back was just so long! It looks a lot better and isn't getting in the way when we apply lotion

Eyes: Still blue, at this point we hope they don't change!

Clothes: 6-9 or 6-12 months

Eating & Sleeping: As I posted above we are trying to get him to eat 5oz. at a time and he's still eating every 2 maybe 3 hours during the day. We introduced solids about 2 weeks ago. So far it's been going good except it doesn't stay down for long. He has rice cereal for breakfast, sometimes he'll have a lunch and he usually has a meal for supper with us. It's been fun to see his interest and what he doesn't like.

Two days into working with SleepWell Baby, he was napping twice a day for an 1.5 hours and taking a 30-45min. nap at the end of the day. It was a crazy change and we were both shocked at how fast he took to the plan they provided us. We start his bedtime routine at 5:30pm and he goes to bed at 6pm. He has a bottle after midnight {typically around 2am} and wakes up around 5:30. He has to stay in his crib until 6am. He naps between 8-830, noon and a quick one between 3:30-4. We hope that the early morning wake up starts to become a bit later, it's the last thing that falls into place when it comes to sleep training. He was improving in the 2 weeks we worked with SleepWell Baby but then he got sick so this past week we've been trying to get back on track. It's so nice to have him on a schedule. Him going to bed so early and waking early is a bit tough right now but it's what works for him. He's rubbing his eyes and wants to go to sleep by 5:15 every night.

Milestones: There's been so much going on! He is sitting up by himself & his first tooth came through on his 6 month birthday! {it's Tuesday April 28th and the 2nd bottom tooth has pushed through too!} He also got to ride in a shopping cart for the first time that day as well. Mixed with the milestones, we've had a few challenges. He's had 2 cases of severe diaper rash, he had his 1st cold, he's had numerous skin breakouts and we're treating severe eczema right now . The last few days his mood has really improved. It's been tough for me dealing with a fussy, unhappy baby all day everyday. But I'm trying to not stress about it so much and enjoy him. We went downtown for a walk by the river and it's exactly what I've been needing. Happy 6 months love, you're growing too fast now!

April 19, 2015

Five Months Old

{This was drafted and saved on March 16th & wasn't posted, oops}

Weight: 16lbs. as of March 5th, I'm sure he's close or over 17lbs.

Hair: It has turned so light in the last little while! Still has a long comb over on top hiding major bald spots underneath. He's also got a very long rat tail in the back. Every time Neil has a bath with him, he wants to cut it. I should post a picture of all the craziness he has going on

Eyes: Blue, blue & blue

Clothes: Still getting the last bit of us of the 3-6month clothes. I've been doing some major shopping this past little while, getting ready for spring & summer. I just hope he'll fit what I'm buying him now.

Likes: The jolly jumper {he's in it a ton these days}, his squeaky pig, to drop toys on the floor when he's sitting at the table with us, when mommy munches on his chin or arms, reading books with daddy before bed & he still loves bath time

Eating & Sleeping: I am no longer nursing as much as I use to. He's doing much better with a bottle of formula {minus allll of the spitting up} than he does when I try to nurse. I can feed him 2 maybe 3 times during the day but if the feeds are rough then I'll give him a bottle. He eats 4oz. at a time and will go 2 hours for sure, sometimes 2.5. We feed him Similac Advanced but he spits up A LOT, like a lot a lot and recently his skin has broken out with some sort of irritation so I took him to the doctor today to see what it could be and it may be some sort of allergy. He doesn't think it's the formula, so we're going to try a topical cream to see if it clears up and if it doesn't I'm going to try a lactose sensitive formula. He's had the Similac Advanced since we introduced formula so I'm not sure what could be the issue.

I sound like a broken record when it comes to talking about his sleep but it still really hasn't improved. We try to do an early bedtime {6:30pm} if he's showing signs of being tired around suppertime. He still cries and gets upset when we put him down {he screams when Neil does it and he'll go down pretty good when I do it}. He'll do 1 long stretch of sleep and then wakes up every 2-3 hours. I've tried waiting it out before I go in to see if he'll go back to sleep. He'll either cry for over 10mins. or he'll fully wake up and talk to himself, try to roll over, suck on his hands. That's fun being awake for over an hour at 3 or 4 in the morning. When he wakes up like that and nursing doesn't get him back to sleep, Neil ends up rocking him and holding him until he falls asleep and is "allowed" to get up for the day. He typically wakes up at 5:45am for the day and then naps like crap all day long. Because of this fun, vicious sleep routine.. I've hired SleepWell Baby to come in and help us. I'm tired of being exhausted, I'm tired of Caius being cranky & upset because he isn't sleep good at night or during the day and I'm tired of him napping like sh*t. They are coming over Sunday night and they say within 2 weeks he should be doing so much better. I friggen hope so because it's been 5 months of sleeping 3 hour stretches at a time at night.

Milestones: He finally figured out how to roll over !! His hands tend to get in the way because they are always in his mouth when he rolls, but he's doing it! He's not crazy still for being on his tummy.. but he better get used to it because I'm not putting him back the other way haha