March 2, 2015

Four Months Old

{Just 13 days late but hey, better late then never!} Oh 4 months.. you have definitely brought some challenges but also a lot of joy for our sweet baby boy. Month 4 to me has really tested what we are capable as parents.

Weight: We go for his 4 month immunizations on Thursday so we'll get an accurate read on weight/height. At his 4 month doctors appointment a few weeks ago, he was over 16lbs and 26inch long.

Hair: He's got a really red tone to his hair. He's still rocking the comb over which hides his side bald spots, he's got a thin bald patch on the back and a nice long mullet at the end. Ya, he's got a lot going on with his hair.

Eyes: Still blue ! I'm wondering if they'll stay or if they'll change. Neil's hazel green, I'm dark brown and Caius is blue. Variety of eye colours in our family.

Clothes: We are getting the last bit of use out of our 3-6 month clothes. I'm buying 6-9/6-12 right now :))

Diapers: Size 3's ! He's a big boy

Likes: LOVES his hand, or anyone else's hand for that matter, watching cartoons, jumping, his talking Elmo and Daniel Tiger toy, playing the chicken soup game with daddy {Neil bouncing him and singing chicken, chicken, chicken soup !}, sitting in his booster seat at the table and he's so happy during bath time 

Eating & Sleeping: This has become a big challenge this past month. We decided to supplement with formula a little while ago. He was nursing every hour & a half still and I didn't have the time or the supply to pump as much as I needed to. Nursing has been a lot, a lot, A LOT of work since the beginning and I was truly resenting it. With being able to give him a bottle of formula if he's having a bad day with nursing, if we're out & about and I'm unable to nurse or even just feeling comfortable when I need a break is such a relief on me. I feel like I can enjoy him and not stress out so much about his next feed. Even on formula, he's still eating every 2 hours. We make 4 oz. bottles and he'll sometimes finish a whole one, other times he won't. I'd love for him to go longer but we're just not there yet.

We are on night 8 of sleep training. We have had to let him cry it out on his own until he goes to sleep because the Ferber and Chair and Pickup Method didn't work for us. He would get so worked up with every method that unfortunately the only thing that works is putting him down and waiting for him to go to sleep on his own. Some nights he screams hard and others he fusses for a bit and he'll settle. Sleep training is the most difficult thing to go through because of how he cries. He's got a temper, he's stubborn and he doesn't go down without a fight.

He's still getting up at least twice throughout the night and is waking up around anywhere between 5:30-6:45 to start the day. I try to nurse him, or cuddle him and give him his sucky to get him to sleep longer but it all depends on him. Naps are another thing I'm struggling with. He gets up early, wants to go for a nap within an hour of getting up, only sleeps for 30-45mins and is up again for another hour & 15mins. and it's the same thing 5-6 times during the day. I'm trying different things to get him to nap better but I just haven't figured it out yet. I could keep writing about how crazy his sleep patterns/ schedule/ habits are... but I don't want to because it makes me depressed haha

Milestones: Grabbing his feet, sucking his thumb, he's so close to rolling over but doesn't have it quite yet, playing strange, laughing at us without being tickled.

Mommy Thoughts: This 4 month mark has definitely been challenging especially when it comes to sleep. I know he needs more, he needs a better schedule in order to function and to grow and it's quite frustrating that what I'm trying sometimes doesn't work. I don't even care about sleep for me anymore {of course it would be nice to have more}, I just honestly want him to be happier and healthier with the proper amount of sleep. During the day has been tough because he's not content to play, he's tired so quickly and it makes the day long when things aren't going great. But every night after he's done crying {or screaming} himself to sleep, I look at his face on the monitor or I look at pictures on my phone and all I want to do is grab him, kiss and cuddle him. I may be excited for a break once he's shortly napping or sleeping for the night, but I can't wait until I get to be with him next. It's so true what they say about you can't explain your love for your child, it truly is unexplainable. He is my everything and each day will only get better and better.

We love you so much Sunshine !

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