January 20, 2015

Three Months Old

{3 days late}

Weight: We went to a lactation appointment on Monday January 13th and he was close to 14lbs.

Hair: Dirty blonde with a red tint to it {no idea where the red came from}. Still full in most spots and he's rocking a comb over. We can't style it any other way !

Eyes: Big, gorgeous & blue

Clothes: I packed away the newborn and 0-3 months and he is wearing 3-6. Certain sleepers, shirts and pants are already small. 

Diapers: Size 2 as of a while ago

Likes: His mobile above the change pad, to have his hand in his mouth, bath time {he hangs out while eating his hand}, to check out his surroundings, to try and sit up by himself {allll the time}, bumbo chair, the excersaucer jumper & his playmats

Dislikes: Having his hair dried, when his sucky falls out when he's tired, his car seat still {I so wish he would grow out of this freak out session}, having his toque put on {automatically knows it means we're going some where's}

Eating & Sleeping: Eating has been a bit of a challenge lately. He's still eating every hour and a half during the day {will sometimes go 2 hours but not often}. He's fighting me a lot while nursing and isn't eating for very long which means he wants to eat even sooner then an hour and a half. I feel like he's not getting enough from me most of the time. My right side is much weaker than my left so he'll really battle me if I try to nurse with the right side. Soo.. we've decided to supplement with formula. Not everyday or all the time, but when I need a break and if we want some time to ourselves he will get a bottle of formula. I can't seem to pump enough when I try and he's taken a bottle so good that I don't want to lose that if I'm unable to pump. I really, really realllly struggled with the idea of using formula {especially if it's just because I'm tired and need a break} but he's still getting breastmilk 98% of the time and formula won't hurt him.

Sleep wise, he wakes up between 8-9am. He has 1 nap in the morning for about a half hour and that could be within an hour and a half of waking up, or 2 hours after. I'm trying to keep is consistent but it's really up to him when he's tired. He'll nap a few times throughout the day and they could be half hour naps, an hour or maybe 2 {which is very rare}. We are trying to establish a nighttime routine so he'll start going to bed earlier. He will have a bath for sure at 7pm every night, he usually takes a nap around 8-830pm and is going to bed between 9-10pm. We would love for him to be in bed for the night at 8 but we just can't get him to stay down and asleep. He's still getting up during the night and it could be every 2 hours, sometimes 3-4 hour stretches, and if he doesn't nap well during the day or evening, he'll go 6+ {but we have a super upset little boy trying to get him to bed if this happens}.

So eat & sleep wise has been a bit tough and constantly changing as of lately. As he's getting older we just have to keep trying to establish a routine. I really hope he goes longer in between feeds sometime soon, it's so exhausting.

Milestones:  Finding his hand was a huge one. It's CONSTANTLY in his mouth. He found his thumb once but he much prefers a fist. We also got him to laugh. If we kiss and make noises on his neck, under his ears he giggles. It's the best sound we've ever heard ! It's hit and miss if we can get it but it's getting easier. Also, little mr. lovesss to try to sit up by himself. It started with resting on Neil's legs and he'd grab fingers to try and pull up. Now he does automatically without having help, sometimes when he's sitting in his car seat unbuckled {watching daddys basketball game, not moving}.

Mommy Thoughts: I told Neil last week that Caius is so fun at this stage right now. We love how much he talks, interacts with us and laughs, he's playing by himself better, he's so interested in checking out everything and last week he was going for naps and bedtime on his own pretty well. He's growing and changing so quickly !

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