December 18, 2014

Two Months Old

Our little man is 2 months old {as of yesterday}... I will probably say this each month but I honestly can't believe how fast time is going by. Every day, every week & every month so far have just zoomed by. Caius is such a happy baby. He constantly smiles, talks and laughs when we interact with him. We love how he smiles so big when we talk to him. He knows his mommy & daddy for sure. He has his moments of crying and we can't do anything to make him happy, but it's honestly so rare. He's so easy going and we can figure out what he needs.

I try to get out & about with him at least every second day during the week. I can't wait for winter to be over and we can go for walks and do more things close to home.

It's so true when people say it feels like their baby has been around forever and can't imagine life without them, because that's exactly how we feel about our sweet baby boy.

Weight: 12.15lbs.

Hair: Dirty blonde, long & full. He barely lost any of it and it's so long in some spots !

Eyes: Blue, they haven't changed much either. We keep wondering if they will stay blue or not.

Clothes: He's outgrowing most of his 0-3 sleepers. He fits some of the long sleeve body suits & pants. We'll be changing into 3-6 verrry soon

Diapers: Still in size 1 but they fit quite tight around his yummy chubby thighs

Likes: His sucky, laying on the change pad, his playmat, to be talked to, TV {always have to turn him away}, his new Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair, bath time & to sleep in his crib

Dislikes: Having his faced washed, clothes going over his head/face, being awake in his car seat {haven't mastered that yet}, mommy taking too long to get ready to nurse him & coming out of the tub

Eating & Sleeping: I'm nursing and try to pump a bottle each day {we haven't tried or needed to use formula yet}. During the week, Neil will feed him every 2nd night and I get to go to bed early and he helps during the night on the weekends. Caius still eating like a champ and is choking way less while I'm nursing him. He spits up much more now then he did before and loves to make a mess on everything.

Sleep wise, he wakes up around 9am each day & he takes a morning nap within an hour after waking up. He still likes to sleep the afternoon away with either long stretches or a few short naps. Evenings he's awake a little bit more but will still nap quite a bit. Bedtime isn't set or in a routine yet but on average it's between 11-11:30pm. As of last Friday night he has gone 5+ hours each night ! I feed him between 4-5:30am, maybe a 2nd time 2 hours after and then once he's awake for the day. It's crazy that all of a sudden he's going so long between feeds. I'm definitely enjoying it & hoping it'll last for awhile {don't want to get greedy or too excited now}.

He had his 2 month immunizations today and I had been stressing about them for weeks. He did so well ! I cried before he even had the first needle, he cried for a little bit after the 1st and 2nd shot {we've heard worse from him} and fell asleep on me for his morning nap. He slept majority of the day and has yet to be fussy. Hope we have a good night tonight and he stays happy for the next few days.

We have our first Christmas this Saturday with my moms family, then we'll be at my parents for Christmas Eve and Neil's parents for Christmas Day. Neil & I can't wait to wake up Christmas morning as a family of 3 and share this holiday with our special gift. A baby truly warms the house and makes the holidays extra special & enjoyable.

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