November 17, 2014

One Month Old

I can't even believe that our little man is a month old. It seriously feels like we just got home from the hospital yesterday. It scares me how fast time is flying by!

Here is an update on our big boy:

Weight: 11lbs... yeah, I am the milk maid around here and it definitely shows in his chunky cheeks

Hair: Still nice and full. The back is so long it looks like a little mullet.

Eyes: Still on the blue side. Neil swears there's a light ring that will grow into green/hazel {just like daddy}.

Clothes: Newborn clothes were retired within 2 weeks. He fits 0-3 in sleepers, long sleeve body suits and shirts. Pants are a bit big around the waist.

Diapers: Size 1's, but I think size 2's are right around the corner.

Likes: His soother, bath time once he's in and warm, mornings {he is so happy hanging out on a pillow once his diaper is changed and he's fed}, the squeaky noise from Sophie, being carried in his Solly Wrap, playing on his playmat, his Snugabunny chair & tummy time

Dislikes: Getting into his car seat & the tub, dirty diapers, when his soother falls out {he instantly wakes up if he's asleep}, being held laying down,

Eating & Sleeping: Eating wise he eats every hour & a half. Sometimes during the day it could be a longer stretch but it's pretty consistent with eating every hour & a half. During the night is the same, we've had a couple of nights where he's gone in a 2 or 3 hour stretch, but it's not very often. I'm not sure sure what to do to prolong the in between feed times. Hoping it'll start to get longer soon. Sleep wise he's pretty good with going back to sleep once he's eaten during the night. He sleeps the best in the afternoons going into the evenings. We really can't complain because he's a very easy, happy, no cry baby even though mommy is feeding him often.

We sure love our little boy, he brings so much joy to our lives !

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