October 24, 2014

Caius Edward - 1 Week Old

I can't believe 1 week ago we welcomed our little man into the world. 18 hours of labour, high blood pressure issues {had to be given BP medication & magnesium sulphate to prevent seizures or a stroke}, having an epidural {which had to be topped up 4 times because of patches not being covered}, being on a drip, getting sick numerous times and finally having a c-section is what I went through before he arrived.

Thankfully the c-section recovery part has been very good but health wise for me things have been a bit stressful. I have to take blood pressure medication twice a day and monitor it at home until it comes down. I was also sent to RUH ER on Wednesday for an ECG because the Health & Home nurse said my pulse was skipping when she took it. Very happy to say that it came back clear & the blood work done with it also was all good. I think we're over the bad hump & things should just get better from here on out, I hope.

Here's some info on our sweet baby boy:

Weight: As of Wednesday he was 8lbs13oz. He dropped to 8lb3oz. in the hospital and by Monday he was 8lbs7oz. I'm sure he's gained even more as of now

Hair: He has a full head of nice dirty blonde hair. I love giving him a combing swoosh look while he's nursing.

Eyes: Are blue and big. Love when he's awake and just staring at everything. It's kind of funny that he has 2 long eye lashes on 1 eye and 3-4 on the other. Otherwise it looks like he doesn't have any.

Clothes: Newborn clothes fit but are pretty tight. He fits 0-3 months much better. Not surprising, he's a big boy. Some clothes I have for him I won't be able to use because they are way too small.

Diapers: As of today I think we've graduated from newborn to size 1. Newborn fits nice around his belly but cuts into his legs that red rings are left.

Likes: Sleeping & eating {obviously}, getting kisses from mommy & daddy, tummy time. He loves to just lay in bed on a pillow in the mornings and hang out. Doesn't fuss or make a peep, just lays there checking everything out. He also doesn't mind bath time {he had his 3rd bath today and didn't scream so I'll consider this a like} and going for walks.

Dislikes: Being naked and getting his diaper changed. That is when he uses his vocals the most ! He doesn't take long too settle down. And if it takes too long from being changed to getting fed, he gets mad. He's not a fan of being put into his car seat but settles quickly once daddy is done swinging him back & forth.

Eating & Sleeping: Breastfeeding has been going really well. He eats like a champ {his chubby cheeks are proof of this}. He's pretty consistent during the day eating every 3 hours. He'll sleep for a few hours and be ready to eat right away when he wakes up. During the night he's sleeping for about 2 hours, eats and is awake for an hour or an hour & a half and then goes back to sleep. He thankfully doesn't fuss for no reason so even though he's awake for awhile during the night, it's tolerable.

We love our sweet little man and still can't believe he's ours. He's a really good baby and we feel very lucky to have him.

Maybe one day soon when I have some time I'll write his labour & delivery story. He's starting to wake up from a nap meaning I gotta go.

October 14, 2014

39 Weeks

I am 39 weeks and 1 day, baby Nagy is due on Monday October 20th and I am soo ready for he or she to make their debut. I am physically unable to do so much, both my hands have really bad carpal tunnel during the night & for most of the mornings and honestly none of my clothes fit. I'm at that point of just wanting to be done.

I woke up this morning with a headache that I had since I went to bed last night with tears in my eyes thinking "this baby isn't going to come anytime soon, we're going to be overdue, Neil will waste his week of holidays spending time in the hospital waiting for baby to show up & they're not going to". It was just one of those mornings that I felt defeated and upset as soon as I woke up.

I went to my prenatal appointment thinking the doctor isn't going to tell me anything I want to hear, she's not going to induce me if I ask or suggest it & we're going to end up having a Halloween baby which we so don't want. I was just there on Thursday and I was a fingertip dilated with no effacement or any other signs that baby would be arriving anytime soon.

This morning, I am close to 3cm dilated, 50% effaced and I had my membranes stripped. I was totally shocked. My OB is confident that she won't have to induce me and hopefully will not be seeing me next week for another prenatal visit. Totally didn't expect that news and I left the office with some hope that baby could be making an appearance very soon ! I went to meet up with Neil for lunch and told him the good news. We both spent the day distracted and thinking "holy crap, the baby really could be here some time this week *fingers crossed*". We're not trying to get over excited because we don't want to get our hopes up, but it's an exciting feeling knowing that we are getting close to the finish line.

I hope my next post will be about our new baby. Keep your fingers crossed for us that baby Nagy arrives before Monday !