September 29, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

I am 37 weeks as of yesterday and I have a few things on my mind at this stage of my pregnancy..

{1} Everything I do or try to do right now is the hardest. Getting in and out of bed, rolling over in bed from one side to the other, putting on socks, underwear or leggings, carrying the laundry from downstairs to upstairs, washing my face at the sink.. the list goes on for what should be easy and so isn't at this point.

{2} Swollen feet & ankles are no joke and don't make a woman feel good at all. Boots, UGGs, sandals & slippers don't properly fit at all. It's getting cooler out and I feel like wearing flip flops outside makes me look ridiculous but what other choice do I have? Seeing my ankles overflow while wearing Sanuks almost brought me to tears the other day. Saturday I was going to meet my mom at a work event of hers, and I had a mini breakdown trying to get ready and look nice. I wanted to wear boots with leggings and do you think I could get my boots on and have them be comfortable ? I sat on the couch waiting to leave & trying not to cry. I just want normal feet & calves again

{3} Baby hasn't dropped yet {to me anyways} which means s{he} are nicely sitting right in my ribs & lungs. I swear while I was driving on Saturday that I was going to lose oxygen because they were sitting soo high up ! Super uncomfortable

{4} This whole "every time I eat I end up in the bathroom" thing has gotten really old. I know some women experience constipation during the end of pregnancy.. but as of lately, nothing stays in and it's getting a little raw down there ! Definitely didn't read or hear about during the need to know the stages of pregnancy. For those reading and didn't know this, now you do. Side note: it completely sucks.

{5} and finally, this is my last week of work. This Friday I will be stepping away from work for a year and even though I know it's happening, it just doesn't feel real. I'm excited to be able to be at home waiting for baby. I just hope I don't get stir crazy and I realllly hope s{he} show up on time !

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