September 3, 2014

33 Weeks

I had my 33 week appointment this morning. I went from going every 4 weeks then to 3. I go back in 2 weeks and then I'll be going once a week until baby comes. It's crazy I'll already be at that point in 3 weeks ! I figured I might as well update each week {or every 2nd week} I have an appointment.

My OB confirmed this morning that I have a minor abdominal tear {or to use the term Diastasis Recti}. It doesn't cause any harm to the baby and shouldn't cause any issues for delivery, it's just something I need to work on and strengthen after baby is here and once I've recovered from delivery. Kind of sucks knowing the belly bulge I have isn't baby but thankful it's not a big concern or harmful.

How Far Along: 33w3d
Baby is the Size of a: Honeydew {19inch, 4.5lbs}. We have an ultrasound next Tuesday to see exactly where baby is at right now
Feeling: Heavy, sore, frustrated and tired. I sound like a total bummer.
Weight Gain: 35lbs
Maternity Clothes: Had to buy some new t-shirts from Thyme maternity recently. Have to say, they're my favourite.
Stretch Marks: My low belly has a few
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: I wake up about twice a night to use the washroom and still get up every time I try to roll/shift over. Still love my Bumpnest pillow, but my hips & lower back hurt so much during the night.
Best Moment This Week: Will be going to Earls tonight for supper to celebrate 7 years together. Can't wait for fettuccine alfredo ! Also, Neil installed the car seat base & mirror on Monday. It makes me feel better knowing if and when baby decides to show up, all we have to do is click the car seat in & we're good to go.
Worst Moment This Week: Crying on Monday night because of how uncomfortable I am and how frustrating it is that I want to stay active and do things but I suffer from it later. I can barely get up if I lay down and my lower back hurts so much. I'm going to the chiro and for prenatal massages but it just isn't helping.
Movement: Still lots. Pushing more now than little kicks and punches. Nighttime is still baby's favourite time to be active.
Looking Forward To: September 16th, we're having maternity photos taken by Little Black Dress Photography
Nursery Progress: We haven't done much in a while. Waiting for the little mr. or miss to show up to finish decorating.
Cravings: Nothing new. I actually am not eating as much as I did in the 2nd trimester. I feel full very fast now when I eat a meal or snack.
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