September 29, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

I am 37 weeks as of yesterday and I have a few things on my mind at this stage of my pregnancy..

{1} Everything I do or try to do right now is the hardest. Getting in and out of bed, rolling over in bed from one side to the other, putting on socks, underwear or leggings, carrying the laundry from downstairs to upstairs, washing my face at the sink.. the list goes on for what should be easy and so isn't at this point.

{2} Swollen feet & ankles are no joke and don't make a woman feel good at all. Boots, UGGs, sandals & slippers don't properly fit at all. It's getting cooler out and I feel like wearing flip flops outside makes me look ridiculous but what other choice do I have? Seeing my ankles overflow while wearing Sanuks almost brought me to tears the other day. Saturday I was going to meet my mom at a work event of hers, and I had a mini breakdown trying to get ready and look nice. I wanted to wear boots with leggings and do you think I could get my boots on and have them be comfortable ? I sat on the couch waiting to leave & trying not to cry. I just want normal feet & calves again

{3} Baby hasn't dropped yet {to me anyways} which means s{he} are nicely sitting right in my ribs & lungs. I swear while I was driving on Saturday that I was going to lose oxygen because they were sitting soo high up ! Super uncomfortable

{4} This whole "every time I eat I end up in the bathroom" thing has gotten really old. I know some women experience constipation during the end of pregnancy.. but as of lately, nothing stays in and it's getting a little raw down there ! Definitely didn't read or hear about during the need to know the stages of pregnancy. For those reading and didn't know this, now you do. Side note: it completely sucks.

{5} and finally, this is my last week of work. This Friday I will be stepping away from work for a year and even though I know it's happening, it just doesn't feel real. I'm excited to be able to be at home waiting for baby. I just hope I don't get stir crazy and I realllly hope s{he} show up on time !

September 24, 2014

36 Weeks

 I've been lacking in the blogging department as of lately, due to a couple of reasons.

{1} I had been busy training a new woman to take over my position as of September 8th. Every week since then has been completely exhausting. Unfortunately this morning was her last day and now we have no one lined up to take over once I'm done next Friday. I'm not worried or panicked as I was while she was here.. it's for the best and knowing that internally people will be taking over my position makes me feel much better and confident to be walking away for a year

{2} things haven't been all that exciting life wise right now. I'm exhausted when I get home at the end of the day, try to do some things around the house and then I try to just hang out for the evening. Our weekends have been busy too so I just haven't found the time to update

 {35 weeks taken by Little Black Dress Photography}

Here's my 36 week update:

How Far Along: 36w3d
Baby is the Size of a: Large Cantaloupe. We were told at our last ultrasound {2 weeks ago} that baby's weight was roughly 6lbs 4oz give or take 1lb. My OB-GYN confirmed the next morning that we are on the "larger side" with baby
Feeling: Heavy, tired, frustrated that it's so hard to move certain ways to do things. Pressure underneath my belly can be pretty uncomfortable. I wouldn't say I'm done and over being pregnant, but I'm ready for October 20th
Weight Gain: 35lbs.
Maternity Clothes: Are barely fitting...
Belly Button In or Out: Has pretty much disappeared. There's a small opening but not much. Kind of weird not having a defined belly button anymore
Sleep: Is not comfortable at all. I get up at least twice during the night to use the bathroom..
Best Moment This Week: Getting a pedicure last night w/ my good friend Krystal
Worst Moment This Week: Training at work & super swollen feet. They look and feel awful !
Movement: Still very active at night. I feel a really hard spot on my left side lots, either a bum or something pushing on my belly. It's definitely more of a pushing/stretching feeling than kicks or punches
Looking Forward To: Getting home and putting my feet up... my right foot looks horrific right now
Nursery Progress: Is basically done and on hold up he/she arrives. I'm going to print off some of our maternity pictures and hang them in the reading corner sometime this week/weekend
Cravings: Apples as a snack in the evening and chocolate milk during the night

September 3, 2014

33 Weeks

I had my 33 week appointment this morning. I went from going every 4 weeks then to 3. I go back in 2 weeks and then I'll be going once a week until baby comes. It's crazy I'll already be at that point in 3 weeks ! I figured I might as well update each week {or every 2nd week} I have an appointment.

My OB confirmed this morning that I have a minor abdominal tear {or to use the term Diastasis Recti}. It doesn't cause any harm to the baby and shouldn't cause any issues for delivery, it's just something I need to work on and strengthen after baby is here and once I've recovered from delivery. Kind of sucks knowing the belly bulge I have isn't baby but thankful it's not a big concern or harmful.

How Far Along: 33w3d
Baby is the Size of a: Honeydew {19inch, 4.5lbs}. We have an ultrasound next Tuesday to see exactly where baby is at right now
Feeling: Heavy, sore, frustrated and tired. I sound like a total bummer.
Weight Gain: 35lbs
Maternity Clothes: Had to buy some new t-shirts from Thyme maternity recently. Have to say, they're my favourite.
Stretch Marks: My low belly has a few
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: I wake up about twice a night to use the washroom and still get up every time I try to roll/shift over. Still love my Bumpnest pillow, but my hips & lower back hurt so much during the night.
Best Moment This Week: Will be going to Earls tonight for supper to celebrate 7 years together. Can't wait for fettuccine alfredo ! Also, Neil installed the car seat base & mirror on Monday. It makes me feel better knowing if and when baby decides to show up, all we have to do is click the car seat in & we're good to go.
Worst Moment This Week: Crying on Monday night because of how uncomfortable I am and how frustrating it is that I want to stay active and do things but I suffer from it later. I can barely get up if I lay down and my lower back hurts so much. I'm going to the chiro and for prenatal massages but it just isn't helping.
Movement: Still lots. Pushing more now than little kicks and punches. Nighttime is still baby's favourite time to be active.
Looking Forward To: September 16th, we're having maternity photos taken by Little Black Dress Photography
Nursery Progress: We haven't done much in a while. Waiting for the little mr. or miss to show up to finish decorating.
Cravings: Nothing new. I actually am not eating as much as I did in the 2nd trimester. I feel full very fast now when I eat a meal or snack.
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