August 20, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

{1} Being almost 32 weeks is uncomfortable and painful. Laying in bed trying to sleep, getting up to use the bathroom, getting up to move in general, walking for "too long", sitting in a chair or laying on the couch is just generally uncomfortable. I would love to sleep at night without waking up wanting to cry when I move side to side. Round ligament groin pain is not my friend.

{2} Time is slowing down right now. I know we're in the last stretch and it actually will go by fast but it's not coming as fast as I'd like right now. I've got to snuggle with my new cousin {born August 1st} and friends of ours just had a baby girl last night. I want to be next. Holding our sweet newborn and time is slowing down #unfair.

{3} Not knowing what you're having is the best surprise.. but it also makes shopping for sleepers difficult. I've been good with buying everything else gender neutral no problem. Our baby will look a little depressed with how much grey we have. I cannot wait to buy colourful outfits & sleepers.

{4} My belly is big. My boobs are big. and I feel big. End of that rant.

{5} and finally, even though I'm not feeling great right now, every time I feel baby kick, punch, roll or move it is seriously the best feeling ever. I keep imagining who is in there, how big there are and what his/her's hands or feet look like. I stop for the moment and just feel {s}he wiggle and twist and think that in 8 weeks & 3 days that baby will be in my arms & all of this un-fun stuff won't matter.

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