August 24, 2014

Back to Reality {August Edition}

It's Sunday and I never blog on Sunday. But I'm sitting downstairs beside Neil watching golf {he is totally going to be a dad soon} and decided I might as well do a catch up post.

Last week was the last stretch of holidays I have before I finish work in October. We had booked the time off before we found out we were pregnant. Neil cancelled his because he wants a week off once baby is here and I was back and forth about taking them just for myself, but I'm sure glad I did.

I did a lot of cleaning each day. I tried to get a project done and then take it easy. I washed our floors, organized the back closet, put shelf liners in our cupboard drawers, vacuumed our bedroom, dusted, I washed the car and Neil installed new light fixtures.

I also got to visit with my cousin Bailey, Krystal & her kiddos, my aunt Lisa and new baby cousin Olivia and catch up with some old dance friends Kaylee, Jenna, Olivia & Ana. I can't remember visiting with that many people in a week ! It was so nice to catch up with everyone and have no pressure of "I have things to do". I even got to have lunch with Neil twice ! It was a much needed week of get things done that I wanted to, have time to visit with everyone and take it easy before baby comes.

So tomorrow I go back to work and countdown the days until maternity leave starts. It's going to come so, so fast.

Looking forward to getting back to the lake for the long weekend ! The weather better smarten up..

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