August 13, 2014

30 Weeks

Well.. I'm officially in the 3rd trimester {7.5 months right now} & it's crazy to think that in 10 weeks {or sooner, who knows} we'll be holding our sweet baby ! I am so, so excited and ready to meet baby.

We went to RUH last Tuesday for a hospital tour slide presentation. There were a lot of preggos there. It was nice to know where we'll be each step during labour & delivery. The anesthesiologist also gave us great information about the epidural/pain medications process. Neil & I both said to each other that things are getting really real after we attended the presentation.

How Far Along: 30w3d
Baby is the Size of a: Cucumber or Butternut Squash {around 17in. & 3.1bs.}
Symptoms: Lower back pain, hip pain that's almost in & around my groin on the right side only. I've gone to the chiro and for massages and it helps but then a couple days later I'm hurting again. Just comes with the territory.
Weight Gain: 30lbs
Maternity Clothes: I need to buy just a few new things. I think everyone at work is sick of seeing me in the same tops & skirts each week
Stretch Marks: I found some on my belly on Sunday night... such a bummer. I am going to lather on the coconut oil each night now !
Belly Button In or Out: Still in
Sleep: Is uncomfortable and I get up to use the bathroom once or twice
Movement: Lots :)) Baby is active first thing in the morning, while I'm sitting at my desk in the morning s{he} is usually having a kicking party and when I lay in bed at night. Neil got to feel baby wiggling like crazy last week. Love that feeling !
Queasy or Sick: Thankfully no
Looking Forward To: Having next week off {which includes deep cleaning the house, getting a pedicure, catching up with Bailey & Krystal, and having a Ukrainian dance girls reunion} & my birthday
Nursery Progress: It's pretty much complete, just need to add a few things here & there. The hubs & I {+ Bella & Izzie} love it !
Cravings: Vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate chips & walnuts. I'm still going hard on the fruit loops too and watermelon is a must as well
Recently Purchased: Johnson's Bedtime Bath Essentials, Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag {in chevron} and these cute noonie {pacifier, sucky, whatever you want to call it} clips from Etsy !

I also ordered a Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick Wrislet that I'm going to put in our diaper bag. I'll keep diapers, cream, and wipes in this bag so it's quick and easy to grab if I don't want to haul the whole diaper bag and keep everything organized and together. All the reviews say really good things about it.

On Saturday I picked up some goodies at Carter's..


 {beanies, mom bought us these}

 {and Neil chose this sleeper just to have some actual pink in case we need it}

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