August 27, 2014

What I've Been Up To

This may not be the most exciting post for you who is reading this.. but I want to look back a year from now and remember all the things that have been going on.

Since May we have been at the lake for 13 out of the 18 weekends until now. That's crazy. It's definitely been a good summer being out there so much, but towards the end of lake season I get a little excited knowing it's coming to an end. And then once the snow shows up, I wish it was lake season again. Can never win.

This month has been full with slo pitch games on Wednesdays, prenatal chiropractor & massage appointments and trying to relax/take it easy when there's nothing going on. As baby is getting bigger, things are hurting more and more.

We went to RUH to watch a slide tour of where we're going to be and the process of everything from the start of labor to after delivery.

We got to meet our friends new baby girl.

I got to catch up and visit with family and friends during my week off. I feel like I'm never available during the summer because we're always gone or busy during the week.

September is here on Monday and to me that means summer is over. I can't believe how fast this summer went but yet I'm excited because we are that much closer to meeting baby. And I don't mind the fall, cool weather because I get to dress cozy. Now snow... if you decide to show up in March, that's fine by me. #wishes

August 24, 2014

Back to Reality {August Edition}

It's Sunday and I never blog on Sunday. But I'm sitting downstairs beside Neil watching golf {he is totally going to be a dad soon} and decided I might as well do a catch up post.

Last week was the last stretch of holidays I have before I finish work in October. We had booked the time off before we found out we were pregnant. Neil cancelled his because he wants a week off once baby is here and I was back and forth about taking them just for myself, but I'm sure glad I did.

I did a lot of cleaning each day. I tried to get a project done and then take it easy. I washed our floors, organized the back closet, put shelf liners in our cupboard drawers, vacuumed our bedroom, dusted, I washed the car and Neil installed new light fixtures.

I also got to visit with my cousin Bailey, Krystal & her kiddos, my aunt Lisa and new baby cousin Olivia and catch up with some old dance friends Kaylee, Jenna, Olivia & Ana. I can't remember visiting with that many people in a week ! It was so nice to catch up with everyone and have no pressure of "I have things to do". I even got to have lunch with Neil twice ! It was a much needed week of get things done that I wanted to, have time to visit with everyone and take it easy before baby comes.

So tomorrow I go back to work and countdown the days until maternity leave starts. It's going to come so, so fast.

Looking forward to getting back to the lake for the long weekend ! The weather better smarten up..

August 20, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

{1} Being almost 32 weeks is uncomfortable and painful. Laying in bed trying to sleep, getting up to use the bathroom, getting up to move in general, walking for "too long", sitting in a chair or laying on the couch is just generally uncomfortable. I would love to sleep at night without waking up wanting to cry when I move side to side. Round ligament groin pain is not my friend.

{2} Time is slowing down right now. I know we're in the last stretch and it actually will go by fast but it's not coming as fast as I'd like right now. I've got to snuggle with my new cousin {born August 1st} and friends of ours just had a baby girl last night. I want to be next. Holding our sweet newborn and time is slowing down #unfair.

{3} Not knowing what you're having is the best surprise.. but it also makes shopping for sleepers difficult. I've been good with buying everything else gender neutral no problem. Our baby will look a little depressed with how much grey we have. I cannot wait to buy colourful outfits & sleepers.

{4} My belly is big. My boobs are big. and I feel big. End of that rant.

{5} and finally, even though I'm not feeling great right now, every time I feel baby kick, punch, roll or move it is seriously the best feeling ever. I keep imagining who is in there, how big there are and what his/her's hands or feet look like. I stop for the moment and just feel {s}he wiggle and twist and think that in 8 weeks & 3 days that baby will be in my arms & all of this un-fun stuff won't matter.

August 13, 2014

30 Weeks

Well.. I'm officially in the 3rd trimester {7.5 months right now} & it's crazy to think that in 10 weeks {or sooner, who knows} we'll be holding our sweet baby ! I am so, so excited and ready to meet baby.

We went to RUH last Tuesday for a hospital tour slide presentation. There were a lot of preggos there. It was nice to know where we'll be each step during labour & delivery. The anesthesiologist also gave us great information about the epidural/pain medications process. Neil & I both said to each other that things are getting really real after we attended the presentation.

How Far Along: 30w3d
Baby is the Size of a: Cucumber or Butternut Squash {around 17in. & 3.1bs.}
Symptoms: Lower back pain, hip pain that's almost in & around my groin on the right side only. I've gone to the chiro and for massages and it helps but then a couple days later I'm hurting again. Just comes with the territory.
Weight Gain: 30lbs
Maternity Clothes: I need to buy just a few new things. I think everyone at work is sick of seeing me in the same tops & skirts each week
Stretch Marks: I found some on my belly on Sunday night... such a bummer. I am going to lather on the coconut oil each night now !
Belly Button In or Out: Still in
Sleep: Is uncomfortable and I get up to use the bathroom once or twice
Movement: Lots :)) Baby is active first thing in the morning, while I'm sitting at my desk in the morning s{he} is usually having a kicking party and when I lay in bed at night. Neil got to feel baby wiggling like crazy last week. Love that feeling !
Queasy or Sick: Thankfully no
Looking Forward To: Having next week off {which includes deep cleaning the house, getting a pedicure, catching up with Bailey & Krystal, and having a Ukrainian dance girls reunion} & my birthday
Nursery Progress: It's pretty much complete, just need to add a few things here & there. The hubs & I {+ Bella & Izzie} love it !
Cravings: Vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate chips & walnuts. I'm still going hard on the fruit loops too and watermelon is a must as well
Recently Purchased: Johnson's Bedtime Bath Essentials, Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag {in chevron} and these cute noonie {pacifier, sucky, whatever you want to call it} clips from Etsy !

I also ordered a Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick Wrislet that I'm going to put in our diaper bag. I'll keep diapers, cream, and wipes in this bag so it's quick and easy to grab if I don't want to haul the whole diaper bag and keep everything organized and together. All the reviews say really good things about it.

On Saturday I picked up some goodies at Carter's..


 {beanies, mom bought us these}

 {and Neil chose this sleeper just to have some actual pink in case we need it}

August 6, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

I'm loving...

... this sweater from Bootlegger. It is so soft, comfy & flattering + I got it on sale, bonus !

... Essie Go Ginza. My favourite, favourite colour. It's been on my toes for months. Pictures don't do justice. It's the perfect shade of lilac + it gives you colour without being too much {PS. those aren't my fingers, I wish}

... that the long weekend had hot, beautiful weather ! I was able to spend 2 afternoons at the beach & got a lovely tan #happyhappy

... that it's a 4 day work week {thank you long weekend Monday}

... that I get to sleep in our bed this weekend ! We're taking a break from the lake & staying home. I'm going to try to sleep in and I plan on buying some more baby items {Neil's going to Golf Town to get goodies so it's only fair I get to buy baby things}

& finally ... that I get to meet my new baby cousin Olivia on Saturday !

August 1, 2014

Happy Friday

I haven't done a Happy Friday post in forever !

I'm keeping it short & sweet today. We have been so busy lately that I just haven't had the time or the effort to post. And the things we have been busy with aren't that exciting, just regular life stuff.

A few good things to mention today

{1} It's Friday of the long weekend which means we are off to the lake tonight until Monday. The weather better be nice.... or else there's going to be trouble.

{2} I got a prenatal massage last night and it was heaven. Unfortunately I'm still sore and slept bad but I did feel amazing for 1 hour last night

{3} I'm so excited to receive my Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag ! {I posted about it on Instagram}

{4} and a new babe entered the world this morning ! it makes me extra excited for us to be next and I wish October would come sooner !

Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend !