July 23, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesdays {Etsy Edition}

I thought about doing a fun post for What I'm Loving Wednesdays by showing you some of my favourites from Etsy !

This monogrammed weekender bag. Love the print & style of the bag, plus anything personalized is a plus.

This bold iPhone case is so fun
 We'll have a new baby at Christmas this year so of course I need to find a cute ornament for him or her

Our 1 year wedding anniversary was in May but I think this diamond infinity ring and burlap custom art would be the perfect gift !

{ 1 2 3 }
 I love to girly up my desk at work by simply having a fun pattern mouse pad. Since I'll be going on maternity leave in 50 some days {crazy !} I won't be ordering any until I get back but I will be ordering one of these for sure 

{ 1 2 3 4 }
 If we have a little man, I HAVE to order all of these items. I can so see "him" wearing the striped cardigan onesie at Christmas ! And the kitten onesie ? How perfect for us:))

 { 1 2 3 }
If we have a little lady, I think the lace onesie is a must have.

These custom blankets are so cute !

{ 1 2 3 4 }
I'm not big into jewelry, everything I wear is pretty simple & I don't change it up. I ordered the 2 disc charms {#1} and I wear this necklace EVERYDAY ! It has become my favourite piece of jewelry {next to my wedding set}. Mine has T on the large disc and N on the small disc. I'm also obsessed with Rose Gold and have been wanting those studs for a while now.

Hope you liked my favourites ! Shop Etsy whenever you need something unique or customized. I've ordered plenty of items from Etsy and have never had an issue !

{PS. this is not a sponsored post, just felt like something fun & new for Wednesday}
{PSS. this is my 100th post !}

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