July 15, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

{1} Being pregnant during the summer in SK has its perks. I can wear a bikini and not worry if I look fat... because I do look fat, with a baby bump {+ a little extra meet on my bones}. I can wear tanks, t-shirts & shorts everyday instead of hiding under layers of clothes. I don't need to explain why I want the AC set to as cold as possible. And I can eat ice cream and watermelon {not together of course} as much as I want because it's summertime & I'm pregnant !

{2} Not finding out what we're having has been a little bit harder then I expected. We always knew we didn't want to find out before hand, we want to be in the moment with all of the emotions and here the announcement "it's a... !" and Neil going to the waiting room to tell our parents. BUT, everytime we go to an ultrasound appointment, there's a small voice inside me saying "you want to know". I don't really care to know for the purchase of buying things, and I don't have a preference for what we're having..  I just want to know which name we're going to get to use ! {because I love them both}

{3} Sleeping while pregnant is a b*tch. I've always been the type to lay on my stomach with my arms tucked under my pillow above my head and I haven't been able to do that for 6 months.. This whole laying sideways to the left {to be the safest} is getting kind of annoying. My back and body hurts even just turning over from one side to the other, that's annoying too. I miss being able to lay on my stomach. I also miss sleeping all night long. I try so hard to last until the alarm goes off to go to the bathroom but that never works.. of course I have to get up and go between 3am-4am and the alarm goes off at 610am.

{4} Feeling the baby move is the best feeling ever ! This morning I actually seen my stomach pop when they kicked {there's still only one in there, I just always say they b/c it sounds a lot better then IT} ! They're becoming so much more active each day and the movements are lasting longer. It's a weird feeling still but it's the ultimate feeling. I love when Neil is able to feel it too. The look on his face makes me so extremely happy !

{5} I've read about pregnancy for a long time now whether it was blogs, columns, interviews, etc. and as I was laying in our pool last week I thought to myself my body hasn't gone through tons of changes since getting pregnant, or I haven't been as moody as I thought I could be, or I'm not having crazy specific cravings. I get tired easily and my body is sore but overall I really feel myself with extra padding in the front !

and finally {6} I love having a baby bump. I like wearing maternity shirts that show it off, I love being able to rub it whenever I want, I love that it gives me the reason to eat a bowl of fruit loops in the mornings, and evenings.. I love knowing that what started out as a poppy seed {and is now the size of an eggplant} continues to grow & develop each day and my belly is their home during this period. Because I've had such an easy and good pregnancy, I really think I'm going to miss this bump once it's gone. I just hope it leaves my stomach looking somewhat decent once the resident leaves.

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  1. I agree with everything... i found I STILL cant sleep on my belly very oftern ( sorry to tell you that!!! lol)

    But i know I def miss being pregnan, and sad i will NEVER be pregnant again ;( So def enjoy it while you can...