July 4, 2014

High Five for Friday


 I've waited all week for Friday & I'm pretty happy it's here !

{1} 24 weeks pregnant marks a pretty special time because I FINALLY feel baby move ! I think it started last Saturday @ the lake as we were going to bed. I felt these funny spasms on one side of my belly and then it stopped. I figured it was maybe baby or maybe gas. Then on Monday laying in bed w/ Neil I actually felt 3-4 pops of movement. I even had Neil put his hand on my belly and he felt something too ! For the rest of the week I've felt them more & more !! I have been waiting and waiting to finally feel something and I have to say the flutters/spasms I feel are the absolute best

{2} I saved $42.00 on some gear I ordered on Babies r Us this morning ! Instead of spending $114.00, I got all these items for $74.00 ! Love when I can get a good deal and save some money

{3} I am patiently waiting for this t-shirt to arrive. I can't wait to wear it ! Everyone who posts about it on Instgram say it's the comfiest, softest tee out there and a few ladies are rocking their baby bumps with it ! Can't wait to get mine

{4} and finally, the hubs & I start holidays tonight !! We cannot wait to have a week off work and just enjoy relaxing, spending time @ the lake, at home in our backyard pool, planting flowers... and did I say relaxing ? It's our one & only week off together before baby so I want to enjoy every minute of it !


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