July 14, 2014

Back to Reality

Going back to work after being off for a week on holidays is one of the hardest things to do. We had a great week off ! Perfect weather, the best we've had in all the years we've taken off together. We really just relaxed and kept things mellow. Neil mentioned on the golf course one day that this will be our last holidays together as just the 2 of us. Kind of crazy when we think about it that we will always have a family from here on out.

{Monday - Wednesday} Was spent at the lake. Neil got sick the previous Wednesday and it only got worst each day. Finally Sunday morning after our 4th night of no sleep, I took him to the Shellbrook Hospital to get checked out. Sure enough he had a throat/chest infection and was prescribed antibiotics. He was up coughing all night long until Thursday but he is finally feeling better & actually slept all night as of Thursday.

We spent a bit of time at the cabin, hanging in the water & on the raft, enjoying the sun on the beach and going for a round of golf each day if Neil was feeling up for it. We would sleep in for a bit after Neil crawled back into bed around 7am each day. By Wednesday I was ready to head home after getting attacked by mosquitos & having huge, itchy welts alll over my body.

{on the course Monday morning}

{Wednesday afternoon - Friday} We spent around home enjoying the sun in the backyard and keeping cool in the pool. We'd get up to do whatever around the house and spend the entire afternoon in the backyard. We definitely got some colour & I can't say enough how great it was to just float the afternoons away.

{Saturday} Neil & I woke up soooo early {5am, and stayed awake} because we were excited for the day. We got to see our sweet baby in 3D/4D !! As soon as I saw their face there were instant tears. I couldn't believe how big they look but yet I know they're so small. They yawned, blinked, sucked on their thumb, grabbed the umbilical cord, hid their face behind their hands & feet and even smiled a bit. It was seriously just an incredible experience and I am so excited to be able to hold them in 14 weeks. I want to kiss those cheeks, lips & feet so badly ! After seeing their face, I still believe we're having a boy.

 {a little smirk}
 {totally relaxed, hands were constantly up}

The fam, hubs & I headed to Regina for the game after our appointment. Unfortunately they lost ... {you already know that} but we had a great time. I love the atmosphere of a Rider game. Those stupid bleacher chairs are so uncomfortable though and have re-activated the tailbone pain I had a few weeks ago. We stayed the night in Regina and headed home Sunday morning.

Overall we really enjoyed our time off. We're usually so busy when we're on holidays so it was extra nice to just literally go with the flow and totally relax. Next up this week is a ultrasound appointment, prenatal massage, double header game slo pitch for Neil and I meet my new OBGYN Friday morning. I hope I'm not dragging my butt too much this week... being at work vs. being on holidays is just so tough....

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