July 18, 2014

26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26w5d
Baby is the Size of a: Eggplant {2lbs.}
Symptoms: Sore back, sore body & out of breath easily
Weight Gain: 26lbs {I'm blaming my boobs}
Maternity Clothes: Are a necessity. period. I went from having 0 maxi skirts to now having 3
Stretch Marks: None that are new
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: Kind of sucks. I get super uncomfortable tossing & turning most of the night & I am really sore when I get out of bed for the day. I also have to get up to use the bathroom.
Best Moment This Week: Seeing our sweet poppyseed in 3D/4D last Saturday. I can't describe what the feeling was actually seeing our sweet babes face other then simply stating there were tears & lots of smiles from me. Also, meeting my new OBGYN this morning. Let's just say all of my future appointments are going to go a lot better then the past ones have been with my previous doctor.
Worst Moment This Week: The tailbone pain is back. Damn Rider game seats..
Movement: Week 24 was finally the week that I could feel baby ! I have been waiting to feel anything and was nervous that because of my anterior placenta that it would be really late in the pregnancy before I felt anything. He/she are pretty active throughout the day, first thing in the morning when I lay in bed & a little at night. This past week baby was moving so much that my stomach was popping ! It gets me pretty excited to feel/see movement
Looking Forward To: Going to the lake this weekend
Nursery Progress: Picture frames are hung in the reading/rocking corner and above the change pad. I made some DIY art for the frames above the change station as well. I put up gold circle decals on the crib wall. The pattern is supposed to look like confetti falling. I'll probably post full, good pictures of the nursery once it's done. I've washed all of the outfits and blankets we have. The closet is now full on baby instead of having a lot of my random stuff in it. Still need to re-do the rocking chair, find Chevron curtains and get a rocking chair pad. Also want to order this shelving unit from Ikea:

Cravings: Chocolate, ice cream, fruit loops & watermelon. Basically everything that is not really good for you
Recently Purchased: Surprisingly I don't think I've bought anything new to share !

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