July 23, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesdays {Etsy Edition}

I thought about doing a fun post for What I'm Loving Wednesdays by showing you some of my favourites from Etsy !

This monogrammed weekender bag. Love the print & style of the bag, plus anything personalized is a plus.

This bold iPhone case is so fun
 We'll have a new baby at Christmas this year so of course I need to find a cute ornament for him or her

Our 1 year wedding anniversary was in May but I think this diamond infinity ring and burlap custom art would be the perfect gift !

{ 1 2 3 }
 I love to girly up my desk at work by simply having a fun pattern mouse pad. Since I'll be going on maternity leave in 50 some days {crazy !} I won't be ordering any until I get back but I will be ordering one of these for sure 

{ 1 2 3 4 }
 If we have a little man, I HAVE to order all of these items. I can so see "him" wearing the striped cardigan onesie at Christmas ! And the kitten onesie ? How perfect for us:))

 { 1 2 3 }
If we have a little lady, I think the lace onesie is a must have.

These custom blankets are so cute !

{ 1 2 3 4 }
I'm not big into jewelry, everything I wear is pretty simple & I don't change it up. I ordered the 2 disc charms {#1} and I wear this necklace EVERYDAY ! It has become my favourite piece of jewelry {next to my wedding set}. Mine has T on the large disc and N on the small disc. I'm also obsessed with Rose Gold and have been wanting those studs for a while now.

Hope you liked my favourites ! Shop Etsy whenever you need something unique or customized. I've ordered plenty of items from Etsy and have never had an issue !

{PS. this is not a sponsored post, just felt like something fun & new for Wednesday}
{PSS. this is my 100th post !}

July 18, 2014

26 Weeks

How Far Along: 26w5d
Baby is the Size of a: Eggplant {2lbs.}
Symptoms: Sore back, sore body & out of breath easily
Weight Gain: 26lbs {I'm blaming my boobs}
Maternity Clothes: Are a necessity. period. I went from having 0 maxi skirts to now having 3
Stretch Marks: None that are new
Belly Button In or Out: In
Sleep: Kind of sucks. I get super uncomfortable tossing & turning most of the night & I am really sore when I get out of bed for the day. I also have to get up to use the bathroom.
Best Moment This Week: Seeing our sweet poppyseed in 3D/4D last Saturday. I can't describe what the feeling was actually seeing our sweet babes face other then simply stating there were tears & lots of smiles from me. Also, meeting my new OBGYN this morning. Let's just say all of my future appointments are going to go a lot better then the past ones have been with my previous doctor.
Worst Moment This Week: The tailbone pain is back. Damn Rider game seats..
Movement: Week 24 was finally the week that I could feel baby ! I have been waiting to feel anything and was nervous that because of my anterior placenta that it would be really late in the pregnancy before I felt anything. He/she are pretty active throughout the day, first thing in the morning when I lay in bed & a little at night. This past week baby was moving so much that my stomach was popping ! It gets me pretty excited to feel/see movement
Looking Forward To: Going to the lake this weekend
Nursery Progress: Picture frames are hung in the reading/rocking corner and above the change pad. I made some DIY art for the frames above the change station as well. I put up gold circle decals on the crib wall. The pattern is supposed to look like confetti falling. I'll probably post full, good pictures of the nursery once it's done. I've washed all of the outfits and blankets we have. The closet is now full on baby instead of having a lot of my random stuff in it. Still need to re-do the rocking chair, find Chevron curtains and get a rocking chair pad. Also want to order this shelving unit from Ikea:

Cravings: Chocolate, ice cream, fruit loops & watermelon. Basically everything that is not really good for you
Recently Purchased: Surprisingly I don't think I've bought anything new to share !

July 15, 2014

Pregnancy Thoughts

{1} Being pregnant during the summer in SK has its perks. I can wear a bikini and not worry if I look fat... because I do look fat, with a baby bump {+ a little extra meet on my bones}. I can wear tanks, t-shirts & shorts everyday instead of hiding under layers of clothes. I don't need to explain why I want the AC set to as cold as possible. And I can eat ice cream and watermelon {not together of course} as much as I want because it's summertime & I'm pregnant !

{2} Not finding out what we're having has been a little bit harder then I expected. We always knew we didn't want to find out before hand, we want to be in the moment with all of the emotions and here the announcement "it's a... !" and Neil going to the waiting room to tell our parents. BUT, everytime we go to an ultrasound appointment, there's a small voice inside me saying "you want to know". I don't really care to know for the purchase of buying things, and I don't have a preference for what we're having..  I just want to know which name we're going to get to use ! {because I love them both}

{3} Sleeping while pregnant is a b*tch. I've always been the type to lay on my stomach with my arms tucked under my pillow above my head and I haven't been able to do that for 6 months.. This whole laying sideways to the left {to be the safest} is getting kind of annoying. My back and body hurts even just turning over from one side to the other, that's annoying too. I miss being able to lay on my stomach. I also miss sleeping all night long. I try so hard to last until the alarm goes off to go to the bathroom but that never works.. of course I have to get up and go between 3am-4am and the alarm goes off at 610am.

{4} Feeling the baby move is the best feeling ever ! This morning I actually seen my stomach pop when they kicked {there's still only one in there, I just always say they b/c it sounds a lot better then IT} ! They're becoming so much more active each day and the movements are lasting longer. It's a weird feeling still but it's the ultimate feeling. I love when Neil is able to feel it too. The look on his face makes me so extremely happy !

{5} I've read about pregnancy for a long time now whether it was blogs, columns, interviews, etc. and as I was laying in our pool last week I thought to myself my body hasn't gone through tons of changes since getting pregnant, or I haven't been as moody as I thought I could be, or I'm not having crazy specific cravings. I get tired easily and my body is sore but overall I really feel myself with extra padding in the front !

and finally {6} I love having a baby bump. I like wearing maternity shirts that show it off, I love being able to rub it whenever I want, I love that it gives me the reason to eat a bowl of fruit loops in the mornings, and evenings.. I love knowing that what started out as a poppy seed {and is now the size of an eggplant} continues to grow & develop each day and my belly is their home during this period. Because I've had such an easy and good pregnancy, I really think I'm going to miss this bump once it's gone. I just hope it leaves my stomach looking somewhat decent once the resident leaves.

July 14, 2014

Back to Reality

Going back to work after being off for a week on holidays is one of the hardest things to do. We had a great week off ! Perfect weather, the best we've had in all the years we've taken off together. We really just relaxed and kept things mellow. Neil mentioned on the golf course one day that this will be our last holidays together as just the 2 of us. Kind of crazy when we think about it that we will always have a family from here on out.

{Monday - Wednesday} Was spent at the lake. Neil got sick the previous Wednesday and it only got worst each day. Finally Sunday morning after our 4th night of no sleep, I took him to the Shellbrook Hospital to get checked out. Sure enough he had a throat/chest infection and was prescribed antibiotics. He was up coughing all night long until Thursday but he is finally feeling better & actually slept all night as of Thursday.

We spent a bit of time at the cabin, hanging in the water & on the raft, enjoying the sun on the beach and going for a round of golf each day if Neil was feeling up for it. We would sleep in for a bit after Neil crawled back into bed around 7am each day. By Wednesday I was ready to head home after getting attacked by mosquitos & having huge, itchy welts alll over my body.

{on the course Monday morning}

{Wednesday afternoon - Friday} We spent around home enjoying the sun in the backyard and keeping cool in the pool. We'd get up to do whatever around the house and spend the entire afternoon in the backyard. We definitely got some colour & I can't say enough how great it was to just float the afternoons away.

{Saturday} Neil & I woke up soooo early {5am, and stayed awake} because we were excited for the day. We got to see our sweet baby in 3D/4D !! As soon as I saw their face there were instant tears. I couldn't believe how big they look but yet I know they're so small. They yawned, blinked, sucked on their thumb, grabbed the umbilical cord, hid their face behind their hands & feet and even smiled a bit. It was seriously just an incredible experience and I am so excited to be able to hold them in 14 weeks. I want to kiss those cheeks, lips & feet so badly ! After seeing their face, I still believe we're having a boy.

 {a little smirk}
 {totally relaxed, hands were constantly up}

The fam, hubs & I headed to Regina for the game after our appointment. Unfortunately they lost ... {you already know that} but we had a great time. I love the atmosphere of a Rider game. Those stupid bleacher chairs are so uncomfortable though and have re-activated the tailbone pain I had a few weeks ago. We stayed the night in Regina and headed home Sunday morning.

Overall we really enjoyed our time off. We're usually so busy when we're on holidays so it was extra nice to just literally go with the flow and totally relax. Next up this week is a ultrasound appointment, prenatal massage, double header game slo pitch for Neil and I meet my new OBGYN Friday morning. I hope I'm not dragging my butt too much this week... being at work vs. being on holidays is just so tough....

July 4, 2014

High Five for Friday


 I've waited all week for Friday & I'm pretty happy it's here !

{1} 24 weeks pregnant marks a pretty special time because I FINALLY feel baby move ! I think it started last Saturday @ the lake as we were going to bed. I felt these funny spasms on one side of my belly and then it stopped. I figured it was maybe baby or maybe gas. Then on Monday laying in bed w/ Neil I actually felt 3-4 pops of movement. I even had Neil put his hand on my belly and he felt something too ! For the rest of the week I've felt them more & more !! I have been waiting and waiting to finally feel something and I have to say the flutters/spasms I feel are the absolute best

{2} I saved $42.00 on some gear I ordered on Babies r Us this morning ! Instead of spending $114.00, I got all these items for $74.00 ! Love when I can get a good deal and save some money

{3} I am patiently waiting for this t-shirt to arrive. I can't wait to wear it ! Everyone who posts about it on Instgram say it's the comfiest, softest tee out there and a few ladies are rocking their baby bumps with it ! Can't wait to get mine

{4} and finally, the hubs & I start holidays tonight !! We cannot wait to have a week off work and just enjoy relaxing, spending time @ the lake, at home in our backyard pool, planting flowers... and did I say relaxing ? It's our one & only week off together before baby so I want to enjoy every minute of it !


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July 1, 2014

Tuesday Evening {Weekend Re-cap} Happy Canada Day !

{Friday} I got off work at 4 and we headed to the lake as soon as Neil got home ! It was a beautiful day in the city for once and when we got close to the lake, we were back in rain. It thankfully didn't last long, but we did have to sit under the deck roof for a while until it stopped. We had a quiet night sitting by the fire & relaxing.

{Saturday} was beautiful ! Went for a round of golf, had lunch, spent some time at the beach {it was so hot I actually went in the water and got a sunburn}, had some ice cream, went for another round of golf, visited with some family and ended the day sitting by the fire with friends & their little guy. It was the first day that actually felt like summer.

{Sunday} we usually pack up & leave early to be able to spend the day at home, but we both weren't in a rush for once. We had a late, lazy morning & went for another round of golf. By the time we got back to the site & finished lunch, it was 2:30pm. By then it was about time to pack up & head home. I did the usual come home boring stuff.. doing laundry, filling up the pool & watching the Rider game.

{Monday} I had off but Neil had to work. I got up at the usual time and was out the door by 8:30am. I picked up a skirt I ordered from Pink Blush Maternity {love it}, got some Bath & Body works shower gel, FINALLY bought an all white waffle onesie from Children's Place. I've been looking for an all white sleeper for a while now to have baby in at the hospital. Plus, I got it on sale.. bonus ! I went to Jysk & picked up a new duvet set & went to an appointment. I spent the afternoon washing baby clothes, dusting & vacuuming the house, organizing stuff in baby's room... I kept super busy.

and finally {Tuesday} I had to work and Neil had it off. I was totally surprised when my boss came to my desk at 2:15pm saying I could go home for the day ! I was so happy to be able to sit in the backyard with the hubs & my brother. And I was surprised yet again when my parents showed up as Neil asked them to come over for supper. It was nice to spend a bit of Canada Day in the sun, on the patio w/ family.

Next up, holidays start on Friday night ! Can't wait !!

Happy Canada Day :))