June 13, 2014

Confessional Friday {Link Up}

{1} I confess that I'm a little disappointed we aren't going to the lake this weekend. Stupid rain forecast would make the weekend a little miserable out there. Instead we'll go for lunch tomorrow and watch the Riders pre-season game ! Plus sleeping in on the weekend in our bed vs. on an air mattress is the ultimate.

{2} I confess that this week has been the week where I just feel big. Clothes aren't fitting right and the boobs are out of control. I wore a maxi dress to work yesterday and I'm wearing a maxi skirt today to feel comfortable. Love the bump.. but I just really, realllly feel it this week.

 {new maxi skirt, bump & toes that match my scarf}

{3} I confess I'm excited for my online orders to show up {truthfully who doesn't get excited for online orders ?} Solly Wrap, 2 tanks from Pink Blush Maternity, free car seat canopy & nursing cover !

 {here's one}

{4} I confess that having the gestational diabetes glucose test done yesterday wasn't bad at all. I was expecting the drink to be awful & it really wasn't. Sitting waiting for an hour afterwards is what really sucked. Glad it's done with.

{5} And finally,  I confess that I am so excited for Tuesday !! We get to see poppyseed at our 22 week ultrasound !! We haven't see them {he/she} since 11 weeks. I can't wait to see how big they've gotten and find out how they're {only 1, no twins in there.. don't like saying "it"} doing!

Happy Friday !

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