May 7, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

I'm loving...

... that the snow is officially gone ! {I hope it doesn't come back even a little bit}

... that I had a luxurious pedicure last night at Dahlia Salon & Spa & got a Shellac polish finish {thanks hubs for the Valentines gift !}. it felt soo good & nice to just relax. I may have to go each month before baby comes

... that we finished our yard work this weekend and it looks so good ! now we just have to plant flowers, set the pool up and enjoy

... that it's Wednesday and we are 2 sleeps away from going to the lake for the weekend

... that Pine & Fancy sells Vanilla Coke, yum !

... the bedframe we bought for our room

... that the baby's room is coming together

... and finally, I am REALLY loving my Bump Nest pillow. I wasn't able to use it Sunday night and had The Worst Sleep. I can't believe a body pillow makes me so comfortable at night. it may have to come to the lake with us this weekend.... husband + Bump Nest + air mattress = interesting sleep arrangements....

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