May 14, 2014

What Day Is It ?

I have to look back in my iPhone calendar to see what we've been up too. Last week and this week have been jam packed with things going on in the evenings and on the weekend.

{Thursday May 8th} We went to mom & dads for supper, got the golf carts tuned up and got groceries/things we needed for the lake.

{Friday May 9th - Sunday May 11th} We spent our first official weekend at the lake. Unfortunately it was quite cold and windy majority of the weekend but that didn't stop us from having fires, golfing and going for walks. There was literally no one out yet, just our Martins Lake crew on the hill {mom/dad/Neil/Dallas/me, Rod/Jo, Gilbert/Merial}. Because I am unable to have alcoholic beverages this summer, I made virgin Shirley Temples and Pina Coladas & they were delicious ! Can't wait to get out this weekend and drink some more.

{Monday} We went to Neils parents for supper to celebrate his dads birthday

{Tuesday} Morning I woke up with a crazy, sharp pain in my front right abdomen. It wasn't a typical cramp or a sore muscle type of feeling. I told Neil about it and we were discussing if I should go to Minor ER to have it checked. I hate to go there and get told it's nothing... and that's exactly what happened. He said it was muscle related and as my body is shifting and stretching, my muscles may react funny. I waited 1hour & 45mins to be told this.. but I was able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler and get a read of 147bpm. That was the only good thing that came out of me waiting for that long.

In the evening I attended a baby shower for Brynley & Krystal. She got loads of cute girlie things and I'm hoping she'll share some of her goodies if we have a girl ;))

{Wednesday} Tonight Neil has his first slo pitch game of the season. I want to go but I'm trying to figure out if I should go or if I should take advantage of having a "free evening" and just take it easy. We'll see if I make up my mind before 5:30pm

{Thursday and into the long weekend} We have plans to groceries and things ready for the lake. So much goes into getting ready for the lake for just the 2 of us, I can't imagine what it's going to be like next year with a little one. We're excited to relax at the lake for the long weekend and hope for really good weather. It doesn't look promising right now but that won't stop us from enjoying a 3 day weekend.

I think next week looks a little bit calmer for us. I have to admit I'm feeling overwhelmed this morning and would like to have a little cry fest by myself. Just 2 more days of work {that include a staff BBQ on Friday} and I can de-stress and get rid of all this crappy energy at the lake !

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