May 25, 2014

One Year Wedding Anniversary

One year ago on May 25, 2013 I married my best friend.

I remember counting down the days for so long to May 25th and then all of a sudden it was here. On the Friday we did set up, had a BBQ with our family and bridal party, went to the Church rehearsal,  I went to the hotel with the girls for the night and Neil went home to hang with the guys.

Saturday morning I woke up and it was the big day. We got ready, headed to the church and I was finally walking down the aisle on my dads arm to my groom. I figured I would bawl my eyes out but I didn't. I was just so excited and happy to finally be in that moment. We said our vows, we kissed and we became husband and wife. I became Neil's wife. A title that I cherish and love so much. I still get excited to refer to him as my husband.

The whole wedding weekend was perfect, it really was. We still can't say anything bad or complain that something went wrong. We, as well as our families enjoyed it all.

Neil and I were told on numerous occasions that things change when you get married. We were told that when moving in together, and now while we're expecting our first baby. And they have changed, for better and not for worse. We got married and my last name changed and Neil went from wearing just 1 ring on his right hand to wearing a wedding band on his left. Those are probably the biggest changes we encountered. We both have the same chores around the house, we both enjoy hanging out at home with our cats vs. being gone in the evenings, we honestly rarely fight and if we do it's usually over something minor and it's resolved quickly, we support each others interests {which is me being his cheerleader at whichever sports event he's playing}, we give each other our space and downtime when its needed. To sum it up, things really haven't changed all that much and I think we're pretty lucky with that.

We've been together for almost 7 years. Getting engaged and married was just the next steps in life and it's been a good, uncomplicated transition as the years go by. I feel truly lucky to be in a relationship with Neil. To have him as my husband, my support system, my comfort pillow when I'm going through a rough time and in this next step of life, as parents. I feel so lucky that I am his wife. Why did he chose me ? How did I win the lottery ? These are questions I ask myself sometimes, and all I can say is I'm just lucky.

Celebrating our 1 year anniversary isn't this accomplishment we had to work hard to get at. It literally was a year that flew by and it's here now and we can just look back and remember how great of a weekend we had, how awesome our wedding was and how that one day turned us into husband and wife.

Neil, you know I love you with all of my heart and soul. I don't need to go into details to explain what you mean to me, you already know. Happy one year anniversary love, here's to the 99 left to go ! xo

{fun note, as I was writing this post, our entrance song "Moves Like Jagger" - Maroon 5 came on :))}

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