May 5, 2014

Busy Weekend Re-cap

We had a crazy, busy, productive weekend.

{Friday} night Neil spent 3 hours building the dresser we bought for the nursery. It turned out soo good and we are both so happy we went with the gray-brown vs. the white stain finish. Every time I walk by or in the room, I fall in love with it more. The room is coming along nicely !

 {the dresser ! so happy with it}

{Saturday} we spent the morning doing yard work. In the fall, we didn't get a chance to rake and do the seasonal yard work before the snow fell. There were soo many leaves in the yard and in the gutters. Neil was on the roof trying to clean out all the crap in the gutters and I was raking the backyard.We have a HUGE yard and I knew it was going to be a lot of work, but my body aches from raking so much ! It was cemented to the grass from being wet and sitting in snow all weekend so we really had to use a lot of force to scrape it off.

In the afternoon we went downtown to do a Lululemon return, stopped in at Escape Sports and Babies R Us on the way to visit our friends Krystal & Jay. We got to meet their cute as a button newborn baby girl Brynley ! She is such a doll and seems to be an angel baby. Our plan was to visit for an hour but we ended up staying for almost 2 ! It was such a good visit and we both were so excited to meet Brynley. We treated ourselves to Earls for supper {my sweet husband knows how much I love their Fettuccine Alfredo dish} and made our way home to have a quiet evening. We watched Last Vegas and it was hilarious !! I want to watch it with my parents at the lake one weekend but unfortunately we can't rent movies anymore... so either I have to buy it, or do something else.... anyways, really good movie !

{Sunday} morning we woke up, had breakfast & made our way into the city. We stopped by Brent & Chantels to have a quick visit with Owen, got groceries, stopped at Princess Auto & Wholesale Sports. We did it all before noon and continued to work in the yard once we got home. We made piles of everything we cleaned on Saturday and had to bag it all. By the time we finished it looked amazing. Such a huge difference before & after ! {I didn't take any pictures to prove it, oops}. We finally got to shower and have some downtime around 3:30, Dallas came over around supper and hung out until 8:30. I snuck into bed shortly after 8:30 fighting to stay awake while watching The Big Bang Theory.

Like I said.. very good, busy, productive weekend ! I don't want to do yardwork like that until fall now... and I may want to put the house on the market if we ever have to do it again {wink, wink #nothappening}

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