May 2, 2014

Blue or Pink ??

We are not finding out what we are having but it's still fun to think/guess what it's going to be. I've read tons of blogs that post the "old wives-tale" questionnaire trying to figure out what they are having. This is a just for fun post.

Morning Sickness: I had it here and there in the beginning, then at 10 weeks it happened everyday {minus the weekends, weird} for 2 weeks. I think it was honestly because I was taking my prenatal vitamin first thing in the morning and without any food causing me to be sick right away. They say girls cause morning sickness so I would say BOY for this

Soft or Dry Skin: My legs look like alligator skin no matter how much lotion or oil I put on. Dry skin = BOY

Craving Citrus: In the beginning I couldn't drink enough five alive and apple juice. I was eating an apple every night too. Citrus craving = GIRL

Have I felt glowing or less then beautiful with lots of breakouts?: Unfortunately I have had the worst, most painful breakouts on my chest and back. It's so annoying and I don't want to be seen in anything but t-shirts and sweaters to hide it. I finally have some topical medication that seems to be helping, but I would really like for it to just go away. They say little girls take beauty out of their mamas so this would mean GIRL

Heartbeat Indicator: We only got to listen to the heartbeat for the first time last week and that was just a sound, no actual measurement of how fast. Hopefully at my next doctors appointment we will get an actual read.

How you carry: As of right now, I feel as though I have Pillsbury dough-boy tummy vs. a pregnant belly. I've always had some tummy, it's never been flat with no fat so I think it make take longer for me to pop/have a belly bump. As of right now my tummy is low pudgy right now which would mean it could be a BOY

Heartburn: No = BOY

Headaches: I get them really bad when I wake up in the mornings and I haven't slept good. I'll also get them randomly throughout the day. Yes to headaches = BOY

Sleeping on Left or Right: I've always slept facing the outside of the bed which would be the left side. Left = BOY

Mama's Instincts: I've always told Neil even before we got pregnant that I think we'll have a boy first. He has 2 brothers, I have 1 brother, his brothers first baby was a boy. Math wise is just seems like it'll be a boy first and I still feel that way now. I will truly, truly be shocked & surprised if they announce "it's a girl" come October !

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  1. crazy looking at all the "wives" tales... the only difference between my two pregnancies was i was more sick with danikka... BUT LABOUR AND DELIVERY were different... boy: good labour not so good delivery girl: bad labour quick delivery ( my neighbour and a friend were all the same) but i know i always see what i was suppose to have by wifes tales.. some were right and some were wrong.. i had one chinese man tell me at the bank i was having a boy by just looking at me..and sure enough according to how i was carrying and the chinese tales he was right...