May 22, 2014

18 Weeks

How Far Along: 18w4d {I've been meaning to take a bump picture but haven't got around to it yet}
Baby is the Size of a: Sweet Potato, 5.5in, 5oz
Symptoms: Back and hip pain. I really don't feel pregnant other then getting sore throughout the day. I've also been battling chest & back acne since the beginning. This can go away anytime now
Gender: Unknown, and we won't be finding out
Weight Gain: 8lbs
Maternity Clothes: Purchased a maternity dress from Old Navy a few weeks ago. Super comfy and soft. Going shopping this weekend for tops & a new bra !
Stretch Marks: None
Belly Button in or Out: In
Sleep: Sleep is okay {can't live without my Bump Nest pillow}, I'm now getting up during the night to use the bathroom
Best Moment This Week: Hearing the heartbeat at the doctors office Wednesday morning, plus scheduling our next ultrasound
Worst Moment This Week: Going to Minor ER last week, sitting waiting for an hour & 45 mins to see a doctor. Thankfully it was nothing major, but it really annoys me to sit so long to see someone
Movement: Nope
Queasy or Sick: Has completely gone away !
Looking Forward To: This weekend, we're celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary !
Nursery Progress: Crib and dresser are assembled, have a mobile over the change station, lamp on the change station, got a gold polka dot crib sheet this past weekend, have a change pad {change pad cover is on its way}, swings are in there for now, rocking chair is in {needs to be re-finished} & 2 boxes are diapers are sitting near the closet
Cravings: I don't find myself craving anything specific, I'm just eating all the time right now. I know I'm full and don't need anything, but I still want to eat something
Recently Purchased: I ordered 2 baby goodies Tuesday morning:

I had found this online a long time ago and always had it in the back of my mind to get one when we we're having a baby. Friends of ours had their little guy in one this weekend at the lake and he made me love it even more ! Even Neil is excited to have this as a baby gear item. I have a feeling it will be used lots.

The ERGObaby carrier was the first baby item I made back in the fall. I'm super excited to use it and plan on using it a lot, but I've also been interested in a soft wrap to have as another option. I've read on numerous blogs about how much they love their Solly Wrap. So I bit the bullet and ordered the mint one. It doesn't ship until June {not like we need it right away anyways} but I'm excited for it to arrive. The baby model just looks so comfy/cozy in it !

I received a pregnancy package from the doctors office that contained a magazine, a lotion sample and a coupon pamphlet. I decided to check out the coupon book and it had 4 different offers of a 100% discount on an item you choose. I immediately assumed it was a scam but it's legit. I ordered a car seat canopy {$50 value} and a nursing cover {$40 value} for free ! All I had to pay for was the shipping {$15 and $13, I payed for it with PayPal in case of any issues}. I think that's a pretty sweet deal and even better savings. Here's the ones I ordered:


Can't wait to recieve all of my online shopping items !

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