April 7, 2014

Wednesday March 12th

It's Wednesday and my first day at work this week. Neil & I had the joy of battling the flu this past weekend.

Friday night we went to the Blades game with my work and afterwards went to my parents to visit for a bit. Neil said he wasn't feeling good so we went home. I heard him get up a few times during the night but otherwise I stayed sleeping. Saturday morning around 7:30 I woke up and he wasn't in bed. I went to the spare room and found him sleeping in there. He said he had been up all night puking his guts out. I felt so bad that I had no idea ! He slept the day away on Saturday, I ran around with mom in the morning and then hung around home to see if he needed anything for the rest of the day.

Sunday I woke up feeling grouchy and tired. Neil had gotten up quite a bit throughout the night and I wasn't able to sleep through it. He was finally starting to feel somewhat better and I wasn't feeling great, so we hung out at home for the day. Around 8:30 that night, something wasn't feeling right to me. Sure enough, it was my turn to battle the flu. I was in the bathroom alll night long. Every time I would lay down to try and sleep, I would have to run back. It was awful. My stomach hurt so much, I didn't have anything left in me to empty, and I was keeping Neil up by using the bathroom a 100 times.

Thankfully on Monday Neil stayed home with me. I knew he was tired from me keeping him up, but he was also concerned to leave his pregnant wife alone at home fighting the flu. I don't know how many times he checked my temperature to see if I had a fever, he tried over and over to get me to drink liquids, he made me jello, and made sure I was comfortable. He was honestly the best nurse. I slept most of the day away except for when I had my head or butt in the toilet.

Yesterday I stayed home from work to try and build up some energy. Trying to eat, trying to drink & sleeping some more. Not very exciting but I was able to shower & do my hair. I came to the conclusion that day time TV sucks, and I hope there will be better programs on during the day come fall.

So my blog post today isn't very exciting or really worth a read, but I'm just happy to be alive and not have to spend 24 hours on or near a toilet. I'm still not feeling 100% and I think because I'm pregnant that it will take some time before I'm there. I honestly just want to feel good and not be in a bad mood, not feel like garbage & be able to eat something. Hopefully soon rather then later.

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